6 Ways: How to avoid dry skin in summers?

summer skincare
Say hello to soft supple skin this summer with these tips. Source –

There is a common misconception that dry skin problems worsen in winters. The colder weather does indeed have a harsh effect on your skin, but the summer heat is no less harmful. It rips off all the moisture and essential oils of your skin, making it all the more dry and dull. Follow a simple skincare routine and glow. Read ahead on how to avoid dry skin in summers.

summer skincare how to avoid dry skin in summers
Say hello to soft supple skin this summer with these tips.    (Source – university dermatology)

Read these 6 ways: How to avoid dry skin in summers?

1.Switch to cool water

There is nothing like a hot water shower after a long tiring day. But do you know how badly does hot water affect your skin? It sucks all the moisture from your skin leaving it flaky and itchy. To avoid dry skin, use lukewarm or cool water.

avoid dry skin in summers
Refresh your skin with a splash of cool water.
Source – shape magazine

Pro Tip – If you wash your face often, then let it air dry. It’ll help your skin remain healthy and well moisturized.

2. Choose the right face wash

The problem arises when your face wash strips off all the moisture leaving your skin super dry. Avoid using face washes for all skin types, as they might be harsh for your skin. Pick ones particularly formulated for dry skin. Look for moisturizing ingredients like rosewater, honey, aloe vera etc.

skincare tips for dry skin
Choosing the right face wash is like choosing the soulmate.
Source – lanelamani

3. Moisturizing is essential

Moisturizers are your best friends. Winter or summer, you shouldn’t be skipping this step. For summers you can switch to a lighter gel based consistency.

Moisturize your face and body soon after a shower. This way the lotion would penetrate deep and provide intense hydration. Also, don’t forget to apply a sunscreen. If you feel that sunscreen lotion makes your skin greasy, then probably it is time to change it. Choose a gel based formulation as per your skin type.

summer skincare tips
Summer or winter, sunscreen is a must.
Source – Korean skincare

4. Don’t forget to exfoliate

If you have dry skin, choosing the right exfoliating scrubs should be an integral part of your skincare routine. Make sure to pick a gentle scrub, free from alcohol. Scrubs with natural ingredients like almonds, green tea, fruit extracts, and rosewater would work great.

best face pack for dry skin
Exfoliate once a week to scrub off dead skin and reveal soft glowing skin.
Source – rodale wellness

PS – Remember to always do a patch test before applying any new product, whether it is a homemade mask or a product from your trusted skincare brand.

5. Pamper with right face packs

For people with dry skin type, picking the right face pack can be tricky. It should be gentle yet non-drying. Avoid using mud or charcoal packs, as these would make your skin drier.

Choose a face pack with hydrating agents like milk proteins, honey, glycerin, or vitamin E. You can also try these easy DIY face packs and get radiant glowing skin in summers.

summer skincare tips
Nothing like a cooling pamper session on a hot summer afternoon.
Source – India.com

6. Say yes to Face Mists

Stay cool on scorching summer days with face mists. A lot of people think it is a waste of money. But trust me when you start using a face mist, it adds a boost of freshness. You can use it on the go and pep up your dull dry skin.

There are many varieties available in the market, so make sure you choose one keeping in mind the ingredients that suit you and your skin type.

how to avoid dry skin in summers
Summer skincare is incomplete without refreshing face mists.
Source – forthemakers

Remember skincare is an investment. You’ll never get miraculous results. Follow a regular schedule and you’ll surely see the difference in your skin.

Hope these tips help you get rid of dry flaky skin and you get beautiful glowing skin.

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