Sebastian Gallery Jam Session: Hair trends for 2014

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Fearless hair fashion has been my aspiration since a long time. I have tried streaking almost full head to random ones to chunks in red. Every experiment gave a new high and confidence. So when I was invited for a Sebastian Gallery Jam Session by Wella International Studio, I could only jump to the event to see 8 professionals from around the world, all coming under one roof to create and teach global styles and techniques with precision and logic. The sight of seeing finer cuts and mesmerising hair colours gave another dimension to hair fashion and I could only want more to see and more to learn.
Sebastian International is a concept-oriented company serving the salon and beauty industry for hair care and cosmetics. The beauty care manufacturer distributes worldwide some of the finest haircare products. The brand has made a prominent name in the professional hair care domain and offered styling inspiration to make Hair professionals excel in their field. P&G Salon Professional has always made efforts to keep its stylists at par with innovations and International trends by coming up with training programs time to time. This time The Wella Professional’s International Studio -Delhi witnessed the Sebastian’s Gallery Jam session of global hair styling. The session stood out a combination of training, platform and workshop for Sebastian Stylists from across the country for international hair trends and styling. Hair stylists from salons over the country experienced an International hair show.Fashion blog

Wella Professionals brought together a team of 8 International Hairstylists for their contribution to revolutionise the Indian Hair Industry. The advanced workshop took the stylists on a journey of looks, mind set and techniques the Sebastian way. The global hair stylists who came from different parts of the globe were:

Anthony Cole, Sebastian International Design Artist from New York

Lisa Muscat from Australia

Brad Lepper from NewZealand

Aric Z.Ding from China

Hide Hayashi from Japan

Joshua Wagner from New York

Ken from Taiwan

Nikhil Sharma, Sebastian Design Artist & Creative Director at Affinity Salon chain, Delhi

My quick rendezvous with Lisa Muscat gave away the following hair trends for 2014:

  • Contrast/combination of textures: Wet & dry look, matt and shiny look, wavy and smooth look simultaneously. Root to mid length will be smooth and ends will be curly.
  • For India, the recommended products are Sebastian Professional Potion 9 for renewed shine and conserving hair ( 150 ml- Rs 1400) and Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo for natural diamond shine (Rs 1200).
  • Warmer tones in gold and red will work good with Indian skin tones.
  • Quick hair do tips would be learning how to braid like messy and frizzy braid in 5 minutes, front, back, sideways braid for an elegant and stylish look.

So, a quick word for all my readers and friends: Play with hair and at the same time take care of it by using the correct products and help from hair professionals. Fearless hair fashion is here to stay.

*Photographer-Rahul Dutta

*Makeup-Pragya Chauhan

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