Spring Waves, Spring Fashion Trends 2012

Spring summer fashion trends

The winter is at its peak now, as January is supposedly the coldest month of the year. The foggy streets are crowded with people happily strolling around in coats and boots, jumpers and sneakers. Come March, all the coats and jumpers and shawls will again be locked up in the bags to be opened next winter. Spring is just a few months away and most magazines are already blazing with the vivid new spring collection for 2012. Some of them are so pretty that they should be enough to make you pray that the rumoured apocalypse gets postponed.

The Spring Fashion Trends 2012 are very ambitious and bold, and experiment with a lot of colors. The winter completely exhausts most shades of greys and browns, and also black. The Spring collection is inspired from nature’s beautifully vivid colors. The fabric remains light and playful, which the vivid colors complement. Then comes the pattern- the animal birds, geometric, abstract art and digital imaging print seem popular choices of most designers. The beautiful color blockings and the vivid hues can give Lady Gaga run for her money. Color blocking is a great way to glam up a simple outfit. It is however important to not exceed three colors, to avoid looking like a rainbow. Soft neutrals are also big this spring, and they add the touch of elegance and serenity to an outfit. Black also makes for a good cocktail dress, though one can still opt for something a little more adventurous- maybe an emerald green?

This year’s spring collection has a lot of skirts, chic dresses, with accessories and colourful flats. Some tips that you can follow to keep up with the vogue, are:

  • Orange is one of the hottest color of the season. So if you are planning to get yourself a dress, you might want to consider orange. It is bright, fun and flirty. Good enough !
  • Plaids ! Yes, they still are in, and anybody who says no is definitely blind. I mean just look at the shirts. While the classic solid colored shirts still rule, plaids are little more relaxed, vivid and, allow me to use the word, creative.
  • Bright nails. Yes. Nude looks elegant and pinks are feminine. But you know what screams ‘spring’? Colors like orange, turquoise, blue, green etc. You don’t have to color your nails neon green. Settle for a bright shade that would go well with your complexion.Bright painted nails !
  • Prints. From fishes to birds to feathers, patterns are big this spring. And like they say, there is a pattern for everyone.
  • The one shoulder dress is also huge this spring and the designers have been seen to be partial to the style.
  • Lace. With women, of course lace is huge. But this spring most designers have upped the use of lace, and it can be seen in a lot of dresses, used with satin and silk.
  • Oversized clutches or short chained oversized handbags are huge this spring.

This spring light up your wardrobe with colors and ditch the drab outfits. Fight the heat waves with soft materials and various colors. Have a fun, chirpy spring.

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