Giveaway: 2 shopping vouchers worth Rs 500 from Under Cover Lingerie


This week has been pretty exciting. I have just closed the Lakme CC Cream contest and here is another one for my girlies. It’s raining giveaways at Let’s Expresso and I’m loving it. So here is another contest to win some more shopping.

How to win: Just answer this simple question- “One bedtime essential that you cannot sleep without…”

Based on the contest entries, 2 winners will be given shopping vouchers worth Rs 500 to buy exotic lingerie from

How to enter the giveaway:

Leave a comment below or visit the facebook page to leave in your entry. The contest opens today and will close on 7th August’13, so hurry. Open to Indian residents, the winners will be informed via email and will be declared on this page aswell. For any query, you can mail me at and I will respond at the earliest. 

P.S: My bedtime essential is washing my face before I say goodnight, my father’s a goodnight Prayer, my mom’s a foot moisturising routine, what’s yours?

The winners for this contest are Jyotsna Malhotra and Divya Dugar. Happy shopping girls.

  1. One bedtime essential that i cannot sleep without is none other than my cotton sleep shirt and pajama. It makes me feel at ease and that’s what is the most needed at bedtime.


  2. hi 🙂

    My Bedtime essential is none other than my sweet fragrance perfume that makes me feel
    nice and at peace that allows me to enter in my dream world and also to have a sound sleep.

    In like with it.

  3. My bedtime essential is to wash my face n apply toner,eye cream n face serum n do my prayer for sumtime:-)

  4. My bed time essential is FIRSTLY is that i does’t only wash my face i also wash my HANDS and LEGS followed by TOOTHBRUSH to get myself free from CAVITIES. after all this i move on to bed then on bed i rewind my whole day, basically first thing i do is what bad i does today which i don’t want to repeat in my life again and how would i get to to rid of it or u can say how can i cope up my mistake then followed by my good things which i had done in whole day… then a small pray.. ,a face of my mom and dad in my memory.. a gayatri mantra after all this ”ITS THE TIME TO SLEEP”..
    so its my bedtime essential large matter but small time taken..

  5. My bedtime essential is washing my face with a face-wash and applying a moisturizing lotion to my face, hands and feet.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

  6. One bed time essential is to wear my nightwear n clean my face n Mal my children sleep by telling them stories:-)

  7. I luv to sleep…n itz my beauty sleep to wake up to a beautiful new day….I wash my face..brush n get into my comfy night wear…a little prayer to thank god fr blessin me wit d most wonderful ppl…n last but d most important of all..I kiss my sweet little daughter before gng to bed…shes my lyf ♥♥

  8. One bed time essential is the cleansing toning and moisturising routine that I follow everyday before going off to sleep. Healthy skin=Healthy living.

  9. One bedtime essential is applying night-cream that i am using since long. ( oriflame honey and milk cream ) I always treat my skin with it before i get into a sound sleep so it becomes essential for me.

  10. I cannot sleep without hugs from my three cute dogs and some deep breathing exercise, it really helps to sleep well.

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