Women Love: What to shop in Jodhpur?

Jodhpur City as seen from Mehrangarh Fort

A vacation is incomplete without shopping. And when the destination is the beautiful Blue City, Jodhpur, shopping becomes all the more enjoyable. Here are some great shopping ideas from the city of Jodhpur.


what to shop in Jodhpur
Jodhpur City as seen from Mehrangarh Fort.


Jodhpur has an old world vibe to it that engulfs you. The city is taking steps towards development but the good thing is that, the rustic charm is in place. You get to see a coffee shop on one side and an old haweli on the other. People are warm and amicable which adds to the overall feel of the city. And of-course, their warmness extends to the shopping experience.

So what are we waiting for, let’s begin right away.


What to shop in Jodhpur?

  • Bandhni and Lehariya

Bring home the royal beauty and hues of Rajasthan in the form of gorgeous Bandhni and Lehariya fabrics. You can shop for sarees, suits, dress materials and dupattas.

The colorful flowy dupattas are so pretty that you want them all. Perfect to buy them for yourself or picking up a few for friends and family back home.


what to shop in Jodhpur
Adding a splash of color.


Pair them with jeans and a kurti to add a dash of color, or wear with a black suit and make heads turn. The specialty of the city is tie and dye, and lehariya. There is a wide range available, from normal day to day wear ones to heavier dupattas with gota patti work.

There are a lot of fabric shops in the main market where you can buy these beauties. Most of them are fixed price shops so it can be a little difficult to bargain. But the good thing is that they are quite affordable. The price range starts from about Rs 300/- and goes up depending upon the type of work you choose.

  • Bangles

If there’s just one thing that you can shop for in Jodhpur, make sure it is the pretty bangles. Reach Sojti Gate and ask anyone for the bangle lane and they’ll be happy to guide you.

Take a stroll down the street to witness magic. There are shops after shops selling traditional bangles. A riot of colors and burst of happiness, let your soul free in this bangle heaven.

Beautiful lac bangles, kundan kadas, glass bangles with intricate work and crystal bangles, there is a lot to choose from. Trust us when we say that choosing one is a supremely difficult task.


what to shop in Jodhpur
Intricate detailing on the bangles is so beautiful.


A special mention to Bibaji Choodi Wala, a small shop right at the end of the bangle lane. This 140 year old shop sells bangles but there is a lot more to the shop. The rustic charm, the stories and the aura of the shop is something you must not miss. Run by a Muslim family, the shopkeepers will be happy to give you some lessons on Urdu and nazakat as well. Bibaji Choodi Wala is the bangle seller to the royal family of Jodhpur as well.


bangle shopping at Jodhpur
Look at this prettiness!


Ask anybody and they’ll take you to the shop. It is located at the end of the street and is very popular among locals.

  • Chooran and Saunf

Jodhpur is paradise for foodies. Rajasthani thali, Dal bati churma, kachori, samosa, and the irresistible jalebis and sweets! After such a lavish feast you’ll certainly need chooran and saunf.

In the main market there are various chooran shops that have the widest selection of yummy choorans and saunf. Dried paan, special suanf, and aam papad are some of the items that you should not miss.


what to shop in Jodhpur


And the best part is that shopkeepers allow you to taste, so you can have a mini feast.

  • Indigo Fabric

Pipad is a small town which is an hour away from Jodhput city. It is famous for its indigo dyeing. If you have time, you must visit the place and pick up some great stuff.

Considering indigo is in vogue and is such a fashion statement, getting a few pieces or dress materials would be totally worth it.


what to shop in Jodhpur
You can find such gorgeous pieces in Pipad…


Apart from all these things, you can also shop for traditional jooties, mojaris, and handicrafts from the local stores in Jodhpur. The blue city has a lot to offer.

If you’ve been to the blue city, let us know what to shop in Jodhpur in the comments below? Until next time…Happy Shopping!

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