Jordan: Must visit for History and Literature students

5 reasons to visit Jordan

If you are the kind who feels history and language are two of the most intriguing and fascinating subjects, then you would love to visit Jordan. A gem of Middle East, Jordan is a delight for travelers. But if you have been a student of arts, then it becomes all the more interesting to be at this mesmerizing destination.

I have been an English hons. student and it was a wonderful experience to explore the places that I had learnt about in the books. The Romans and their romance with tales and architecture, beautiful castles that seem to have walked straight out of Arabian Nights and stories and sites that are so alluring, Jordan has it all.

Walk back in time in Jordan at these 4 lovely destinations.


I have been raving about Petra ever since I came back from Jordan, and can go on and on. The beauty of the place is such that it stays with you. Also called The Rose City, because of the color of the stone it has been carved out of, Petra is the most loved destination of Jordan.




Walk through the narrow gauge that is surrounded by high cliffs to reach the royal treasury – Al Khazneh. This is the most popular structure and a standing example of the glorious past of the region.




There are various museums where you can get deeper insights into the history of the region. Being in Petra is an overwhelming experience; it transports you to the times of Lawrence of Arabia.

Kerak Castle

Next on the list is the famous Kerak Castle which is a Crusader Castle. Built way back in the 12th century, Kerak Castle is a must visit if you are a literature student or a history lover.




The upper court and lower court are two parts of the castle. Intricate wall carvings, stunning views and a history lesson like never before, you are in for a treat at Kerak Castle.

There is a small museum at the castle that gives you insights into the history of the region.

Ajloun Castle

Aljoun Castle is also known as Qala’At Ar-Rabad. An Islamic castle, it is a very popular tourist attraction. Stepping into the castle is like stepping into a time machine. Those stories of wars, defeat and conquering with courage that you have heard in your history class seem to come alive here.


aljoun castle


It was built in the 12th century and is a shining example of architectural brilliance. The best part is the view from the castle, it is breathtaking. Certainly worth the effort of reaching there.


Last on the list is the mighty Jerash. It is the second most popular site in Jordan. It is steeped in history and for a history student it is such a great experience to see what you have learnt. You’d be intrigued to know that this famous city had been inhabited since The Bronze Age. A large part of the city is ruins which have been preserved very well.




Walking around exploring the ruins is a great experience. You can also talk to locals and travellers who have various interesting stories to share. Spend time at a souk or a coffee shop, and you might get hold of an untold story.




Hippodrome and Hadrian’s Arch are two ruins that are just outside the core city and worth a visit. Some of the other attractions in Jerash are –

  • Forum Oval
  • South Theater
  • The Cardo
  • Temple of Artemis
  • Agora
  • Jerash Archeological Museum

Head to these 4 places in Jordan and take your History lessons in present. Find solace, find History and find yourself in the process.

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