Top Five Places Not To Miss When Visiting Canada

Top Five Places Not To Miss in Canada

Canada is one of our favourite places to visit. This special country has everything to offer you, no matter what you’re looking for on your visit. From spectacular mountain ranges to dazzling cities and some of the best food out there, it’s got to be on your bucket list.

There are some places in Canada that you definitely shouldn’t miss on your next trip. Below are some of the top ones!

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Top Five Places Not To Miss visiting Canada


Top Five Places Not To Miss When Visiting Canada


Prince Edward Island

Right off the coast of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island will give you all you need for a relaxing day at the beach. The island is quickly noticeable for its flowing green pastures and distinctive red-soil cliffs and it’s easy to get around the island with a car.

It’s the perfect day trip if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Canadian cities.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Right on the west coast of Canada, you’ve got the incredible city of Vancouver in British Columbia. Vancouver is basically the Denver of Canada with fantastic city-life, as well as plenty to do outdoors. From whale watching on the coast to partying the night away in the city to skiing in the mountains, Vancouver is the perfect stop for any of you nature lovers out there and you find yourself on the west coast.


Niagara Falls

Not far from Toronto, you have one of the top destinations in Canada and in fact, the world. Even though most of Niagara Falls reside in the United States, you have to be on the Canadian side of the border to see anything worthy of an Instagram picture. If you’re in Canada and don’t head over to see Niagara Falls, you’re really missing out!

Niagara Falls in Canada

Here is our guide of Must Do 7 things at the Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. Follow this and make the most of your time at the Falls.

Quebec City, Quebec

Don’t have enough funds to visit France? Well, it’s good news that you’re in Quebec then! Quebec City is basically a slice of France in North America. Quebec has held onto French culture more strongly than the rest of Canada, so there’s plenty of culture to take in while you’re there.


Lake Louise, Alberta

You are going to be absolutely stunned by this place. If you find yourself in the Canadian Rockies, you’ve got to find a campground or book a hotel at Lake Louise in Alberta. This lake is the most crystal clear blue you’ve ever seen, thanks to the huge glacier feeding into the lake. If you’re a nature lover, this one’s for you.

Places to visit in Canada


Canada is one of those places that has it all. From cities to fantastic lakes and mountain ranges to French-inspired cities, you won’t be wanting for anything on your next trip to this beautiful country.

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