7 Best Things to do in Toronto Canada

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Take me back please!

Here is a list of 7 Best Things to do in Toronto Canada. The list includes the major attractions in Toronto Canada and best places to visit in Toronto.

On a fine morning, we drove from the city of New York to the city of Toronto. The journey took 6 hours and spanned across the beautiful countryside of New York. The drive itself was so mesmerising that everything in life seemed justified. By noon we reached the beautiful Niagara falls and rest is just history :). I can say that I’m one of those lucky few who get to see Niagara from both the US as well as the Canada side. A one and a half hour drive from the US-Canada border led us to the beautiful city of Toronto. And the first sight of the city in the night- it still spell bounds in my mind.

Toronto is the most famous and populous city in Canada. Spread out along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore, it is a city with soaring skyscrapers and mass green patches which are indeed the famous attractions in Toronto CanadaNext door neighbour to New York, Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario. 

Here is a list of 7 Best things to do in Toronto Canada.

1. CN Tower. A visit to Toronto is incomplete without visiting the CN Tower. CN Tower is Toronto’s most famous landmark and one of the best places to visit in Toronto. The tower is so tall that the other skyscrapers in the city look like dwarfs infront of it. The CN Tower has an observation desk to have a top view of the entire city. What a view! A must do in Toronto. Glass floor inside is one of the major attractions in Toronto Canada. Take as many photos as you want on CN Tower. Walk on it or jump on it, CN Tower won’t break :). By far, a part of the best places to visit in Toronto.

CN Tower/best things to do in toronto canada/2015
The famous CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.
CN Tower/best things to do in toronto canada/2015
View of the downtown from the CN Tower.
CN Tower photos/2015/best things to do in toronto canada
CN tower at night.
CN Tower photos/2015/best place to visit in toronto canada
Check out the changing light color of the tower.
CN Tower photos/2015/place to visit in toronto canada
It goes blue now.
CN Tower/2015/attractions in toronto canada
CN Tower by the day.
CN Tower photos/2015/toronto canada attractions
Looking at the gigantic city from the top floor.
rogers center in toronto/2015
The famous Rogers centre infront of the CN tower.

P.S: One of the CN Tower attraction for adventure junkies is the Edgewalk. The adventure lovers can take a walk along the circumference of the roof. It’s definitely an experience of a lifetime. The walk has to be pre-booked and can be booked online. Edgewalk is seasonal and is surely one of the best things to do in Toronto Canada. But mind it- only for the brave-hearts :).

2. Toronto Islands. This is a group of islands accessible by ferry. These are the highlights and best things to do in Toronto canada or The best place to visit in Toronto. The Toronto Islands include a children’s amusement park, a lighthouse and a public park for picnic. The islands will take a full day to roam around. It is a refreshing escape into greenery. With the beautiful Lake Ontario on one side and the bustling city on the other or you can say Toronto Islands is a complete contrast view. The ferry ride is fun and calming.

toronto islands/2015
Let the ferry begin 🙂
toronto islands images/2015
On the ferry to the Toronto Islands with the sky high CN Tower behind.

P.S: There are 2 ways to see the islands. One is to take the ferry and hop over from one island to the other and see all the fun activities. This is a full day event. The other way is to take a ferry ride that takes you around the island and leaves back in the city. This is a 45 minute ferry tour. Either way, Toronto Islands are best things in Toronto to visit.

3. Lake Ontario. Toronto is along lake Ontario. The Toronto Islands are on Lake Ontario. But Lake Ontario has to be given a special mention when in Toronto. It is such a huge water body that you can take a stop anywhere and just sit by the lake or take a walk. Lake Ontario is a beautiful walk in the evening. The huge lake is one of the attractions in Toronto Canada.

4. Dundas Square. Yonge-Dundas square is a huge public square in Downtown Toronto. The square hosts a number of public performances, events and displays. It is Toronto’s Times Square and a youngster’s preference area and certainly best things in Toronto to visit. The square is surrounded by eateries, retail stores and huge illuminated advertisements in neon and electric signs. Weekends are a hustle and bustle and it’s a must do in Toronto, Canada. The place carries a spirit. Sitting here is one of the best things to do in Toronto Canada.

Dundas Sqaure in toronto/2015
Having a blast at the Dundas square.

5. Niagara Falls. Biggest attractions in Toronto Canada, an hour and a half from Toronto is the Wet & Wild Niagara Falls. There is a whole city by the falls. The Niagara falls is a set of three huge and beautiful waterfalls on the Niagara river. The three falls are The American falls, Bridal veil and Horseshoe falls. This natural spectacle is a must do thing from Toronto. The city by the falls has high rise fall facing hotels, casinos, souvenir shops, eating places and a lot of fun events. We stayed at ‘Marriott by the falls’ and the view from our room was just stunning.

Niagara falls in toronto/2015
Take me back please!
Niagara Falls images/2015
The view of The Niagara from our hotel room. Do I need to say anything?
niagara falls images/2015
Up close & Personal with Niagara- Surreal!
niagara falls images/2015
Fun at Niagara Downtown.

P.S: There is a huge firework over the Niagara falls on Friday and Sunday night at 10 pm. It’s just spectacular. We saw it on a Sunday night and the colorful firework is still fresh in my memory. Niagara Falls are the best things in Toronto to visit. Best places to visit in Toronto is incomplete without visiting these falls.

6. The Blue Mountains. It takes about 2 hours to drive to the Blue Mountains from Toronto, best places to visit in Toronto. The scenic beauty of the blue mountains on the way will mesmerise you. The vast green patches, the huge farms, houses at a distance of a kilometer from each other will just zip you out of your mind. And when you will reach the Blue Mountains- it’s like a fairy tale setting. These mountains are best things in Toronto to visit.

the blue mountains in toronto/2015
Welcome to the Blue Mountain Village!
the blue mountains in toronto/2015
The old country feel just mesmerises you.
blue mountains images/2015
The gorgeous sun soaked pier at The Blue Mountains.
blue mountains in toronto/2015
A cup of coffee and an endless scenery- The Aha Moment!
the blue mountains images/2015
Just being one with the Mountains!
blue mountains in toronto images/2015
Let’s have some fun 🙂

Depending upon the season you visit, there are summer and winter attractions. We visited in the month of June. Summer meant longer days and lots of outdoor fun with family and friends. The rides are too much fun be it the mountain coaster or a triple zip. It is a favourite destination for skiing in winters. Be it any season, there is alot to do for all age groups. Indulge in some shopping and yummy food aswell. Blue Mountains are best things to do in Toronto Canada.

P.S: If you love adventure, this is a must visit.

7. African Lion safari. Situated at about 100 kms from Toronto, African Lion Safari is a different experience. It includes over 100 species of birds and mammals from around the world in an open habitat. Humans are caged inside their own vehicles :). As the name says, drive through lions, camels, giraffes, monkeys, ostriches and just fall in love with them. The animals roam freely in a large contained area. The sight of an ostrich walking by your car and pecking on it or a monkey jumping over your rear windshield will bring a sense of wonder. There is a bird show and an elephant show which is not to be missed. These are huge attractions in Toronto Canada.

african lion safari images/2015
Zebra in full sight.
african lion safari photos/2015
Giraffes in our vicinity 🙂
african lion safari photos/2015
Deer deer everywhere…
african lion safari photos/2015
We all sitting for the bird show.
african lion safari photos/2015
The fun at the elephant show.
african lion safari photos/2015
Ostrich walking by our car. It was just wow.
african lion safari photos/2015
The Big Cat 🙂

P.S: Needless to say it’s a must do for kids, the adults will thoroughly enjoy too. Certainly best things in Toronto to visit.

This was my list 7 Best Things to do in Toronto Canada. I’m taken back to my vacation as I write this piece for you all. Thankyou to all of you for making me re-live the experience. Till I reach the city of Toronto again, I have these memories to take me back time and again!

Have you been to Toronto? Or has my piece tempted you to add it to your travel list? What are your attractions in Toronto Canada? What are your best things to do in Toronto Canada? Do write in the comments below 🙂

Happy Toronto

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