These pictures of snow from Harsil are giving us new vacation goals

Harsil snow pictures in India
Where only a few reach…

If you love snow, these pictures will unsettle you. These are clicked in our very own Harsil valley, on the way to Gangotri via Uttarkashi. While I can give you 5 reasons to visit Harsil- Dharali- Gangotri in winters, these pictures are what #VacationGoals are made of. Call your adventure junkie friend, pick up a sturdy car and head on. These sights are rare and it takes guts to travel that far. Sometimes, there is no food, no place to live and certainly no one around. What you need is an expert guide, travel essentials and a will to reach. If you plan to do Uttarkashi, Harsil, Dharali, Gangotri in extreme winters and snow, reach out to Where Eagles Dare, a group founded by Tilak Soni for extreme winter trekking and biking expeditions.

Harshil snow covered mountains
This is not a postcard. This is your very own reality.
snow pictures in India
Where only a few reach…
Snow covered Himalayas Harshil
Love these lanes.
beautiful Harshil covered in snow
It just cannot get prettier than this.
Harshil in snow
Your traffic jammed road vs this.
Harshil Dharali in pictures
Those who dare, reach!
Harshil Gangotri winters pictures
Seldom reached paths.
Harshil in pictures
Vanilla scoops wherever you see….

Take a break from your corporate routine and head out to the snow clad mountains. If you’re lucky, you may end up playing under the snow fall. The realisation of being there in the middle of nowhere and just being with your handful of friends is stupendous. If you have scenes like this with a cup of coffee (ofcourse the beverage can be of your choice) in one hand and snow in the other, life would have a colour in that short span. And this would fuel you up to take on life’s challenges, temporarily maybe but would be worth it. And for a change, city’s chaotic life would escape out and leave you gasping for more moments that would truly matter. Think!

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