15 photos which bring the nightlife at CP alive

huawei p9 review
Youngsters floating through the evening.

How a place changes from day to night describes the vibe of that city. CP, the lifeline of Delhi is the perfect example to see how Delhi-ites turn from exhausted to carefree; from day dreamers to night crawlers and from dead at work to alive & kicking in a matter of a couple of hours. The atmosphere at CP changes with the drowning sun and the day light gives way to twinkling city lights. We take our Huawei P9 in hand and go on a journey to capture moments at the backdrop of the setting sun. Here is CP in its true feel at night. From bright hues to edgy monochrome, the phone clicks pictures with heart & soul.

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Let’s Expresso and Huawei P9 capture 15 photos which bring the nightlife at CP alive.


1. Youngsters floating through the evening.

The place is a buzz from people of all walks of life coming together for a bite or a cup of coffee.


cp in pictures


2. The alleys changing hues with the setting sun.

The whiteness of the buildings get an ombre touch.


huawei p9 review


3. Eating joints getting alive.

Whether you want to eat a pizza slice, or South India or Mughlai or Continental, the place is a spoil for choices.


huawei p9 review


4. Shopping your heart out.

Shop till you drop and then have a bite at your favourite restaurant. And oh, don’t forget coffee on the go.


cp in pictures


5. Street artists and their unique offerings.

Get yourself a portrait or hear someone play an instrument, this is your Times Square.


cp in pictures


6. Hand in hand, a place where friendships are made.

Meet your buddies here and make beautiful stories.


night cp in pictures


7. Making way for the metro station.

Walk together to the busiest metro station and pick your train home.


life at Connaught Place


8. Get cozy around the white pillars.

At CP, love is always in the air.


huawei p9 review


9. Books, phone covers, sunglasses- you get them at the cheapest prices.

We all have bought something from here at some point in life.


night cp in pictures


10. Sorting and bargaining with street vendors.

We all have done it and would continue to do so….


huawei p9 review


11. Kiosks and sign boards glittering their hearts out.

Brands and their logos shout out loud at each turn.


huawei p9 review


12. Street vendors to high street labels, it’s all available here.

One address, many options.


huawei p9 review


13. Girls choosing and bargaining for their trinkets.

The most popular sight at CP.


huawei p9 review


14. Poster shopping, Oh so CP!

Office, home, life, friend or your favourite move star, there is a poster for everyone.

huawei p9 review


15. Let’s make a night to remember!

The hustle & bustle at CP gives life to Delhi from January to December.

huawei p9 review


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