Go for a walk at Lodhi Garden and eat a slice of Delhi

Lodhi Garden pictures by Honor 5C
So beautiful that we fall short of words!

Continuing our love for Delhi and its heritage, today we take you to Lodhi Garden. A great place to enjoy some time in the lap of nature, Lodhi Garden is a little getaway for Delhites. Situated in Central Delhi, the place is known for its calm and soulful ambience. You will see people from all age groups coming here for morning and evening walks. A favourite of many who find it a waste to visit malls on a breezy day or a warm winter afternoon. And with rising prices, Lodhi Garden is free to explore and gives a natural environment that no concrete shopping place can match. Honor 5C is my partner for the amazing pictures that follow and surely each of them speak a thousand word.


Lodhi Garden pictures by Honor 5C
Look at the grandeur!


Lodhi Garden is spread over an expansive 90 acres. Known for its lush greenery and beautiful architecture, the park is a must visit. It is also home to Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, Tomb of Sikander, Sheesh Gumbad and Bada Gumbad. All these architectural marvels have innumerable stories to tell.


Lodhi Garden by Honor 5C
Get ready to be taken to a spellbinding world at Lodhi Garden.


The historical structures amidst the green landscape make a picture perfect setting for shoots, pre-wedding photography and fashion photography. The good thing about Lodhi Garden is that it’s very quaint and serene. The lush greenery makes it an awesome place for morning and evening walks. You can also find people practicing Yoga usually in the morning.


honor 5c picture quality
With such a view, who wouldn’t want to go for a morning walk??


honor 5c camera quality
Still looking for reasons to visit Lodhi Garden??


If you’re bored of coffee shops and need a change, then Lodhi Garden would be a breath of fresh air. Soak up the winter sun or enjoy a pleasant evening with your loved ones.

History Class

Experts believe that Lodhi Garden was built during 15th and 16th century by the Sayyid and Lodi rulers. It was then redesigned in 1968 by J.A Stein and Garrett Eckbo. The site is now protected by Architectural Survey of India (ASI).

During British Raj the garden was landscaped by Lady Willington, wife of Governor General of India, Marquees of Willington. Hence it got the name Lady Willington Park on its inauguration in 1936. Post independence, the name was changed to Lodhi Garden.


Lodhi Garden pictures by Honor 5C
Keep your camera ready!


Bada Gumbad and Sheesh Gumbad in the center of the park speak volume about the opulence and magnificent architecture of that era. Bada Gumbad comprises of a huge dome, a three domed mosque, and a residence surrounding the central courtyard.


Lodhi Garden captured by Honor 5C
The intricate detailing so well captured by Honor 5C.


Lodhi Garden pictures by Honor 5C
Get a glimpse of history!


Deep inside the garden are the remains of a watercourse that connected River Yamuna to Tomb of Sikander. The tomb is octagonal in shape and has various arches, domes, Hindu style chatris and verandahs. A delightful place to sit and admire raw beauty!


Lodhi Garden pictures by Honor 5C
Whimsy setting!


The tombs built are a proof of the royal past. Lodi Dynasty was an integral part of history and its remains can be found at Lodhi Gardens. The rustic enchanting vibe of these age old structures is intriguing and captivating at the same time.


Lodhi Garden by Honor 5C
So beautiful that we fall short of words!


Situated between Khan Market and Safdarjung Tomb on Lodhi Road, it is easily accessible by public transport. Khan Market, one of Delhi’s posh market and place to hangout is located just a stone throw away. After lounging and relaxing at the garden, head to Khan Market for some retail therapy and delicious food.


Lodhi Garden pictures by Honor 5C
Honor 5C capturing every hue brilliantly.


Lodhi – the garden restaurant is located at Lodhi Garden. Ideal for a romantic date, it seems to have been taken from a fairy tale. The scrumptious food and effective service are the icing on the cake.

If you’re a history lover or are someone who is fascinated by ancient architecture, you should definitely visit this gorgeous place and walk back in time.

Nearest metro station – Jor Bagh

Timings – 6:00 am to 7:30 pm

No entry fee

Photography allowed

Thankyou Travelling Camera for your expertise in clicking soulful pictures. Cannot stop praising Honor 5C. Such a user friendly phone that it has become my best travel companion. From taking stunning pictures to uploading them in a jiffy, it does it all. 

For Delhites, Lodhi Garden is a symbol of heritage, fun and familiarity. What’s your connection with the place?

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