How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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From recycled airplane air to touching surfaces dozens of hands have handled, it’s no wonder that the ‘travel bug’ is a well-documented phenomenon. There are other pitfalls to your health while traveling, like fatty foods and air pollution- so here are some top ways to keep an eye on your health while enjoying all the world has to offer.


There are a few tips to avoid bacteria getting on your face and getting you sick. First would be to wash your hands whenever you’ve come into contact with a questionable surface. If you don’t have access to that, keep hand sanitiser in your bag to keep you going. When touching any doors, handles, handrails, or any other public item- use your non-dominant hand. People are far more likely to touch their faces with their dominant hand. By moving most of your surface contact to your non-dominant hand, you lower the risk of touching your face after touching an unclean surface.


I know. Nobody goes on vacation and worries about how they’ll get a workout in- but it’s good to keep up habits you had beforehand. There are tons of sites, and Youtube videos, with instructions on everything from yoga to lifting weights at home. You can easily follow most of these in a hotel room. Try to get in at least thirty minutes of physical activity a day.  


What you eat is a massive part of any vacation. Although you should eat food you enjoy, and make sure you have a fun time on your vacation, you should also keep your health in mind. If you can, limit your intake of unhealthy food to one meal a day. This step can give you the best chance to bounce back to a healthy diet after vacation and leave you feeling better during your trip.

If you don’t want to miss out on any delicious food, try to lower your portion sizes so that you can enjoy the food without all of the calories.

Air Quality

Air quality isn’t just important if you’re looking at Baltimore houses for sale, it’s also a significant factor in travel. Most countries keep air quality as public information and will warn you if the quality is dangerous. If you’re traveling, and it’s a day where the air isn’t great, but you still want to have fun and get around- many tourist areas sell masks with filters that will help keep your lungs healthy. Although traveling is fun short term, keep in mind the effects lousy air can have on your body in the long term.

It’s good to have fun and enjoy the world, but it’s also essential to keep your health in mind. It would be best if you didn’t have to spend your whole vacation anxious and worried about what to do to stay healthy, but take the time you need to make sure you come home in as good condition as you left.

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