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Camping is a great way to both spend time in nature, taking in some much needed fresh air, and to ensure that you see your family and friends for more than a couple of hours every week. Experienced campers can tell a beginner that once you get the gist of it, you won’t want to set foot inside a hotel or a motel, because you will never feel as free and as rested as you do in the middle of the forest or on the beach. However, if you have one bad camping experience, there are no chances of you repeating the process, no matter how pretty is the area you want to visit. In order to avoid that, here are some tips that can help you navigate successfully your first time camping and give you a guide on How to make camping a pleasant experience :

Choose the timing of your first camping trip wisely: don’t go anywhere in the dead of winter or in the middle of a heat wave if you’ve never camped before. The first time camping should be inside a space designed for this sort of activity and not out on your own, in the wilderness. While you might have read about all the things that you need and you might have purchased them, there are some situations you won’t be truly prepared for unless you ease yourself in them, like bathing with a sponge or in the river next to the campsite. Getting used to living in a tent is hard, but extreme cold or melting hot makes it even harder, so go backpacking in early summers or early winters.

Be careful about your gear: buying the best gear out there is good for someone who knows what they’re doing, but for a beginner, a complicated piece of equipment can be confusing and stressful. That doesn’t mean that you should cut corners when you select your first tarp or the different accessories that are required when sleeping, eating and, well, living in the great outdoors. On the contrary, ask for advice from a professional, while staying in your price range and keeping it simple.

Pack everything you may need and some things you don’t think you would ever use: find a person who has gone camping before, both in regulated campsites and in the wild, and ask them for a list of all the things they took with them. Tailor that list to your needs and wants and then add some off the spur things like sewing needles and an extra pair of underwear. Include some books in your bags, books that you love to read again and again. Don’t pack your tablet, computer or any other electronic devices. Chances are that you won’t have the electrical outlets to plug them in.

Pleasant company is everything: you can have the best location, timing and gear, but if you don’t like your travel companions, the vacation is ruined. Of course you already knew that, but think about it this way: if you go on a trip to a major city or to your parents’ house in another town, the chances of you escaping the unwanted company are not that terrible. However, when camping, there really is no other place to go further than a couple of miles in every direction, which could make some people truly unbearable. Thus, choose your company wisely and enjoy the fresh air.

Some quick Camping tips:

  • Camping should to be done on a flat land that can support installation of the tent.
  • Camping should be done near a water source. Water will be required for cleaning and cooking.
  • For a trekking trip, it has to be broken into a number of hours of trek per day. Flat lands have to be pre-identified for enroute camping.
  • Carry water proof sleeping tents, just incase it rains.
  • If you are going hiking into a well known terrain, a guide is not required. But if you are going on an unknown terrain or going for 3-4 days, get along a porter who knows the way and can carry your stuff.
  • A walking stick, proper shoes, light weight proper clothing is a mandate. Do not wear jeans as jeans has its own weight and is uncomfortable while climbing too.

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