5 reasons to visit Mussorie X Honor 8

5 reasons to visit Mussorie
Gazing at the vast valley from my room.

Pictures make memories. I chuckle with my DLSR for a last minute charge and then I realise the power of my phone lying on charging. Honor 8 has been with me for over a month and life has been easy. With a dash charge that takes 15 minutes for an almost full battery, who on earth can wait for long charges anymore. And since travelling light is my mantra, I put the DSLR back into the shelf and head forth with the phone… to the queen of hills! Read ahead for this post on Mussorie that’s so you and me. So ‘you and me’ because we both will identify with it. This post gives 5 reasons to visit Mussorie and I’m sure you’ll find one or all to be yours. The pictures ofcourse are beauties from Honor 8. None of the pictures is post processed. That’s the comfort you get with a camera that works like a sharp knife.

Here are 5 reasons to visit Mussorie that we all resonate with.

So next time when you decide for the queen of hills, give your friends these justifications to get an easy vote.

  • Closest to Delhi: Been there, done that! We all have been to Mussorie a zillion times. It’s like going to Select City walk or Promenade or a mall of your choice for every weekend getaway. We crib about the traffic, parking, hustle & bustle but we end up being there only.
    Well five hours and you are there. Add a couple more for food breaks and you’d be good to go. You leave at five in the morning and reach by 12 noon and have the day to yourself. Just check in and plank away to glory. Call for a hot cup of tea and snooze off. Just get up in the evening and begin with your fun time, to each his own.

    5 reasons to visit Mussorie
    Gazing at the vast valley from my room.
  • Perfect for a quick 3 day get away: Mussorie is just perfect for a three day get away. You get 2 full days to relax and the 3rd to retreat. Be back home in time and rest for the next day madness to begin. This is like a quick detox.
reasons to visit Mussorie
Rays that filter your mind too…
hills mussorie pictures
Look through vast skies and green trees.
  • Nothing to do: Apart from The Mall road and Kempty falls, there is nothing to do in Mussorie. Just stroll through the Mall road as a customary ritual to satisfy family and friends and you’re sorted. Enjoy food and the walk and yes, don’t forget to play games at Picture Palace and get back some bit of childhood. And for Kempty falls, apart from tourists, who goes there? If you have been there once, I think that’s enough once in five years.
mall road mussorie
Sip these beauties and take a break from the warm sun or the fatigue on the way.
why visit Mussorie
Enjoy Corn on the cob while walking through the Mall Road.
  • Winter line: That’s exclusive to Mussorie and Switzerland. You can see it at dawn and dusk in winters from mid- October to January. When the sun sets, the horizon turns into layers of yellow, orange, red and purple. It is visible in mountain areas with a vast and clear long valley to the west. Mussorie is blessed that way! We saw it while walking through the mall road.
  • More than ample resorts & hotels: Mussorie has a hotel as per your budget. From the basic to the most luxurious, there is one for everyone. So go on a low budget trip with friends or a luxury one with family, the choice is yours. With ample conveniences for elders and kids, this is a preferred destination by all.

I am just back from the trip and ofcourse, winter line is freshly baked. It just takes two to tango and two to Mussorie. The hills surely have fashionable eyes.

For Honor 8, you’re as fashionable as the sprinkling mall road or the hot chocolate at one of the coffee joints. This is one accessory that hits me high with just one look.

Do check out before you leave: The cool Honor 8 design .

*This post is done in collaboration with Honor 8.

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