11 photos that will bring out the essence of CP

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The colour white & the British architecture defining CP.

CP is the heart of Delhi. Any 90’s kid will identify this place as quintessential to Delhi’s existence. This was the super hangout in the centre of Delhi and synonymous with Nirula’s and Wenger’s. People from across the city would come here to have a bite of their favourite ice cream cone at Nirula’s or to watch a movie at Plaza. While the Nirula’s disappeared and Plaza turned into PVR Plaza, the rustic charm of CP still continues. With offices, shopping and eating joints throbbing the place, here is a sincere attempt to click the life at CP during the day and night. While we showcase day life here, you can see the nightlife here. And to help us click CP in its true colours, we have taken the help of Huawei P9, the phone that can easily replace a DSLR. Here we go with the phone in hand and the love for CP in heart.


Huawei P9 and Let’s Expresso bring together CP in its true essence.


1. The colour white & the British architecture defines CP.

The rustic charm of the inner & outer circle and the round pillars dig deep into the memory and bring back stories of childhood walking hand in hand with parents in these alleys.


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2. Hustle & bustle at all corners.

If it’s CP, it has to be chaotic. What you get here: honking cars, brisk walking pedestrians and loud conversations. Still it’s loved by every Delhi-ite.


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3. Erstwhile Keventers, now Shake Square.

Who wouldn’t have had a cold coffee or a milk shake at Keventers? Meet the new avatar, same place, same offerings.


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4. The tri-color standing proudly in the central park.

Saare jaha se acchcha Hindusitan hamara. There is a pride when you see the flag swaying.


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5. You can find all the big brands at CP.

From high street to budget friendly, it’s all available here.


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6. Shopping and flocking, hand in hand at CP.

Shop with your family, shop with your friends or shop alone. There is no dearth of shops here.


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7. Street shopping and bargaining is the heart of CP.

C’mon, we won’t believe if you are a Delhi-ite and haven’t bargained here!


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8. CP, where we buy most of our baubles from!

All our trinkets are from here. Those smaller ones, the bigger ones and the brighter hues too.


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9. You know you are in CP where you see street vendors sitting at all corners.

Books, fashion jewellery, sunglasses, phone covers, jute bags et al, all available here.


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10. Wenger’s was established in 1926, the year in which a block of Connaught place was built.

It is situated at the same location since then. You have live history here.


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11. Meet your friends and chill out with them.

CP is central to all. This is where friends come together from all corners of Delhi to meet and greet.


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We are getting nostalgic looking at these photos. How about you? Share your love for CP in the comments below. Delhi and Delhi-ites are incomplete without having a romance with these pillars.

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