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Sari Inspiration: 10 Bollywood Divas Sizzling in Manish Malhotra sari

Manish Malhotra’s luxe-modern collection featuring fusion styles and vibrant colours is what dreams are made of. The star designer of Bollywood has...

8 Fashion Rules to Sustainability

Trends come and go and fashion is dynamic. But few things that stay constant are your style and some fashion rules. Here...

5 Amazing desi looks in pink to make you summer ready

Hues of pink have taken over the summer fashion and how! Be it blush pink lehngas, pastel pink anarakli suits, or beautiful...

5 ways to dress up like Deepika Padukone & look sizzling

These 5 ways to dress up like Deepika Padukone can make you look sizzling hot at every event of your life. Whether it is a...

6 Bollywood beauties and their love for kurtas

We cannot stress enough on how versatile the humble kurta is. In the scorching summer heat, kurtas become a staple. You can play around...

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