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10 Makeup Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Makeup hacks are basically solutions derived out of necessity. These solutions are frugal and save a lot of money and time. A...

6 Ways to make your clothes Smile!

                       DRESS TO BE HAPPY  Don't be a victim of trends....

My Ode to Six Yards of Pure Grace!

SAREE IS ELEGANT AND ELEGANCE NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE.  One of the most exquisite element of Indian Fashion...

How do you coordinate clothes? Coordinate Fashion rules!

Do you remember when you were young, your family and friends used to say “matching matching” when your top and jeans were...

Best fashion Blogs: A “BOOM” for the Consumers & Marketers

Why blogging is important? Cosmetics, dress & accessories are the pillars on which beauty stands. Fashion is the collective acronym for it and Health &...

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