Wonder Woman: 5 ways to be the woman who lifts other women

Be the woman who lifts others
Strong woman support each other. Source – art by heather lynne

We all know the power of unity, and when woman come together to support each other it is nothing less than a storm. Be the woman who lifts other women and supports them. Strong women never pull each other down, instead they show appreciation.

Be the woman who lifts others
Strong women support each other. Source – art by Heather Lynne

Here are 5 ways in which you can also be a woman who lifts other women.

1.Celebrate other’s victories

Being happy for yourself is something we all do. But you’re a real hero when you be a part of someone else’s happiness. Be the woman who lifts other women and is genuinely happy for small achievements and victories of family and friends.

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2. Look for women who support you

It is important to have a circle of friends who support you and teach you. You might not always be right, but when a friend teaches you, those life lessons tend to stay with you for a lifetime. Connect with like minded women, whether it is for work or leisure and you’ll see a positive change in your life.

women supporting other women
The real woman power! Source – code

3.You’ll feel happier

When you help other women, even if it’s in the smallest way possible, you’ll feel happy about it. In this world that’s full of negativity and hatred, small acts of joy will help you feel compassionate and happier, and the other person will be grateful to you. This means it becomes a win-win situation for everyone!

4. It becomes a give and take

Today if you lift other women and support them, tomorrow they’ll stand with you and help you through thick and thin. A little act goes a long way and you’ll be able to build a relation that’s based on trust, loyalty, and encouragement for each other.

woman empowerment
Together we can! Source – phenomenal woman mission

5. Speak your heart out

Communication is the key in any relationship. Whether it is a formal environment or with your close friends, sometimes all you need is clear conversations that’ll help change the situation.

be the woman who lifts other women
Feeling stronger knowing that your girl gang is with you. Source – gqr

Talk it out, give feedback, listen to other people and their perspective, and be sure to have a bias free lookout. Have a zero tolerance attitude towards bullying and body shaming, and take a stand for yourself and your friends.

Hope you follow these tips and will work towards becoming a woman who lifts other women. Share it with your girl gang! And follow Let’s Expresso on Instagram here for more updates on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

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