Why is it okay to request someone to speak slowly in English?

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Hithereitsgreattogetintouchwithyou. What if you receive an email like this? With no spaces in-between words, isn’t it difficult to read? That is exactly how English sentences sound when spoken fast.

Some of us have the tendency to speak really fast and it becomes difficult for others to comprehend what we say. I am guilty as charged. I take deliberate pauses while speaking and have reduced my pace with time.

There are many instances of public speaking or a group meeting or an informal get-together where it becomes a challenge to understand the speaker because of their high pace of speaking English. If someone is introducing a new concept, a new company policy or making general announcements, the pace has to be such that everyone can understand without stress.

Fast speakers tend to run out of breath. Speak slowly to go on for a longer time.

Why is it okay to request someone to speak slowly in English?

1) Save repetition and time

A lot of meetings go round in a loop because the members aren’t able to understand the speaker. There is repetition and time wastage with no clear meeting output. Save the repetition and time by asking the speaker to speak slowly for the benefit of everyone.

It is completely OK to say, “Sorry, I am unable to match your pace. Can you slow down a bit?”

2) Accents differ across the world

Accents differ not only across continents but also through your own country. Request the speaker to slow down a bit so that you can catch the accent and have a successful conversation.

3) Slow Down for the meeting’s sake

A meeting or a conference will profit when everyone eases down and ensures all the facts are stated properly. Feel free to ask other colleagues or customers to slow down so that you can comprehend everything correctly.

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Say this the next time you hear someone talking at the speed of light- “Excuse me, I guess I missed out a point. Can you please repeat in a slower manner?”

Generally if you ask someone to repeat themselves, it’s a human tendency to speak much slower than before. The person will not only slower down but also paraphrase himself.

It is absolutely okay to request someone to speak slowly. There is no need to feel bad or apprehensive while doing so. The trick is to ask the same in a polite manner. The sentences shared above can be used as it is.

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