5 books to read to cheer up a sad day

feel good books
Weekend looks sorted!

There are times when life doesn’t feel happy and we need to find happiness in the small joys. Being a reader gives me immense joy.

feel good books
Lose your heart between the pages of a book!
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Getting engrossed in love stories, feeling terrible when the main character dies, and forgetting the world for the love of reading- Books are uniquely portable magic and have the super power to heal the heart.

What to read when sad? Presenting 5 of my favorite feel good books to read when you’re feeling low.

  • Change of Heart – Jodi Picoult

Sometimes all you need is a little change of heart. Change of Heart has classic Jodi elements – faith, feelings and the strong undercurrent of religion is an eye opener.

what to read when sad
Weekend looks sorted!

It is a heartwarming and emotional journey of a mother, June and how she fights all odds for her beloved daughter, Claire. How an inmate Shay – with shades of antagonist and protagonist gets into their life is interesting to read.

  • Before I Die – Jenny Downham

Before I Die is the perfect example of Cuteness Personified. It has the right amount of happy vibes, sprinkled with romance and YA (Young Adult) feels.

best YA books
Some chai time is always welcome!

It’s emotional but not over the top. You can feel Tessa’s pain and would want to cuddle her. For those sun kissed afternoons in bed, this would make a perfect read. It has a very The Fault in Our Stars vibe, so if you enjoyed TFIOS then you’ll surely love this one as well.

  • Wonder – R.J Palacio

Restore your hope in friendship with this wonderful read. It’s a story of August (Auggie), a young boy born with facial deformity. How each day is a battle for him and how he tries to overcome the hurdles with a smile is the essence of the story.

happy books
Feeling Blue? This is what you should be reading!

It is such a happy read. One minute you’re laughing with Auggie and his friends, and the other you’re sympathizing with him. An extra point for the cutesy chapter names, they have my heart.

  • The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

This evergreen classic is one of my all time favorites. It is set in Germany during the time of II World War. The story highlights how books have the ability to touch your heart and feed your soul. For all you booklovers, this one is a must read.

The Book Thief
Cheer yourself with a happy read and pretty flowers!

There are undercurrents of sadness, but the overall feel is very liberating and uplifting. You’ll have a smile at the end of it and that’s what matters the most.

The movie adaptation is also good, so you can include it in your Binge movie night.

  • The Truth about Forever – Sarah Dessen

Fell in love with this one! It’s a story of Macy and her boyfriend Jason. Macy is in love yet is devastated by the loss of her father.

what to read when sad
Forever in love with books!

How an unexpected catering job becomes the turning point of her life and how Wes, a boy with a past turns her life upside down is what the story talks about. It is fun, warm, and fuzzy – all that you need to uplift your mood.

If you have any recommendations for a feel good book, feel free to share it in the comments section below. My heart and bookshelf always has space for more books. Happy Reading!

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