Follow these 5 Time Management tips and never say ‘I dont have time’

time management tips
Follow these easy time management tips to increase productivity. Source – real business

If you’re someone who’s always complaining ‘Time nahi hai yaar’ or ‘Why doesn’t this day have 48 hours?’, then this post is perfect for you. Bringing for you tried and tested time management tips that are effective and actually work.

time management tips
Follow these easy time management tips to increase productivity.
Source – real business

Follow these 5 time management tips and you’ll never have to say ‘I don’t have time’….

1. Set realistic goals

If the start is right, you get motivated to continue the journey. Setting realistic and achievable goals will push you to work efficiently towards them. I’ll finish two chapters in four hours or I’ll complete the presentation by the weekend and then party hard.

time management tips at work
Learn the art of smart goal setting.
Source – aberrrant crossfit

2. Prioritize like a pro

This is that one step that can sort out your task list. You are the best judge to prioritize the tasks into different categories like –

  • Important and urgent – need to be completed right away.
  • Important but not urgent – task is important, but you still have time to complete it.
  • Urgent but not important – need to be completed ASAP but have minimum value. It is best to assign these tasks to someone or do them in free time.
  • Not urgent and not important – these should get least priority and you can do them later.
time management tips for students
It is all about priorities.
Source – life hacks

3. Learn to say no

If you’re already loaded with work and are being assigned another task, learn to refuse politely. Collecting tasks together will cause the quality to suffer and you don’t want that. Always believe in the motto – Quality over Quantity.

time management tips for success
Say no to unnecessary burdens. Limit your work for quality results.
Source – provide support

Read how to say no without being guilty and sounding rude in this post.

4. Plan wisely

Get a planner and plan your day, week, or month (however it suits you). Writing down all the tasks – even trivial ones like doing laundry and getting groceries should be in your list. It’ll give you a clear picture about what your day looks like and what all needs priority.

easy time management tips
Plan ahead to have a clear idea of your task list.
Source – usa today high school sports

The night before – Every night make your to-do list for the next day so that you know what the next day looks like and how you’re going to win it!

5. Eliminate all distractions

This is the most difficult step, but you need to do it. Keep that phone aside; don’t check Facebook and Instagram every 20 minutes. It might take some will power to do so, but the reward will be amazing.

time management tips for professionals
Eliminate distractions and focus!
Source – deenspiration.

You’ll be able to finish your chores on time and then have all the time to binge watch that series you’ve been eyeing. Isn’t this a great way to reward yourself for the hard work and smart work?

Also amidst all the work pressure and deadlines, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Eat right, take small breaks to rejuvenate, exercise, and get proper sleep so that you’re strong enough to battle it out and win with flying colors.

Chill and take care of yourself! Remember you’re precious.
Source -dfgreatness

Hope these tips help you live life to the fullest. Enjoy and follow all the deadlines without going bonkers.

Let us know what’s your time management mantra in the comments below. We love to hear from you. Also stay connected with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram for more on fashion, self betterment, and lifestyle.

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