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tanya sachdev
Learn English online with me as if you are sitting right across me on the study table.

Are you tired of trying to speak in English? Are you struggling to communicate your ideas in English? Is your level of English preventing you from reaching your goals? Are you unable to get a high paying job because of lack of English speaking skills? Don’t worry, I have a plan for you. Talking like a fluent English speaker is a lot easier than you thought. You just need a program, a plan and support to reach your goals. My English Speaking Course Online will make you reach your goals.

How to speak English like a native speaker is a dream for a lot of us. Just that this dream is achievable now.

Are you ready to speak English fluently? Join my Spoken English Learning course- Premium Coaching now.

How will I conduct my English Speaking Course Online?

My premium coaching program works at a fantastic pace. We’ll work directly together to help you become confident in Speaking English fluently and confidently in only 90 days!

Note: My schedule gets filled very quickly and I mostly have a waiting for new students.

I will conduct it virtually face to face through Skype or any other convenient software. You can be anywhere in the world and take this English Speaking Course one on one coaching. I am a practical English Coach. I understand the power of face to face coaching. Though my English Speaking Course is online, it’s still face to face. You can ask me your doubts in real time and I will address them.

Here are some incredible things you will achieve with my English Speaking Course – one on one coaching.

  • Speak English fluently
  • Speak English like a native speaker
  • Achieve coherence in your English speaking ability
  • Accurate Grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary
  • Ability to do lengthy conversations and debates in English

My students get the following:

  • Personalised support
  • Answer to all their questions
  • Practice of speaking English in a supportive and safe environment
  • Step by step guide to speak English frequently
  • Steps to make your English sound more fluent
  • Powerful tips to become fluent in English

Why online?

We live in an amazing time. The fact that we can learn online sitting at home is an incredible opportunity for all us. You can be anywhere in the world and become fluent in English at your convenience. You don’t have to be in an English speaking country or state or town. In fact, you don’t have to leave your house. You can learn how to be fluent in English at your home. You can improve your English and get personalised support with my easy ways to speak English fluently at the comfort of your home.

How to sound like a native English speaker and speak fluent English without hesitation is in your hands.

Cost: Rs 29,999/- or USD 420 only for 90 days. This is basically Rs 9,999/- or USD 140 per month. The payment will be done at once. You will get 24 hours of personal coaching which will get divided over 90 days. We will get into 2 hours of weekly face to face teaching online.

Now, let’s look at some concerns that you might have:

Concern #1: 

Your English Speaking Course is expensive…

Truth #1:

Those of us who think big, play big and live big don’t price shop. We work on our shortcomings and look at the bigger game. We invest in ourselves because that’s the way to get ahead in life. We buy Self Development courses and look at the return on investment in the longer run. In order to live a big, abundant and rich life, we have to work on ourselves to expand our horizons.

Concern #2:

I’ll take time to think on it.

Truth #2:

People who take immediate decisions move up fast, climb the ladder fast and get the results faster. You can earn as much in a month as you earn in a year by honing your skills and making a mark.

Go getters don’t care what others think about their decisions or what society tells them to do. They decide for themselves.

PAY NOW to start your training program designed by me to help you speak English confidently! 

Get ready to rise above the noise and claim your success like the global rockstar you know you’re meant to be.

Get in my Premium Coaching, because you and me, we’re on the RISE.

tanya sachdev

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