5 Amazing ways to spend a lazy Sunday in bed

lazy sunday in bed
A lazy Sunday in bed is the ultimate happiness. Source – shutterstock

There’s nothing like the joy of spending a lazy Sunday in bed. Contemplating life, enjoying endless cups of chai over heartfelt conversations, making Goa plans with friends… the list is endless. If you’re someone who loves spending time at home and wants to enjoy a slumber Sunday in bed, then try these amazing ideas.

lazy sunday in bed
A lazy Sunday in bed is the ultimate happiness. Source – shutterstock

Here are our 5 amazing ways to spend a lazy Sunday in bed.

1.Movie Marathon

The most obvious, but sometimes the most enjoyable way to spend a lazy day is enjoying back to back movies. Netflix and Chill is for us millennial people and we better live up to the reputation.

If you’re looking for some inspirational movie recommendations, then do check these out.

2. Detox

Sunday is the day that you get for yourself. Sometimes it’s good to switch off and connect with your soul. In this fast paced life, we tend to overlook small things like self belief, self love, and self motivation.

A lazy Sunday is a great way to start a digital detox. A one day detox will not be that difficult, and you might reinvent a long lost hobby. Spend time with your spouse, talk to your parents, chill with your pets, or just call your friends over – the idea is to connect with humans and leave your phone aside.

lazy Sunday
Take time off for a digital detox and reconnect with yourself. Source – Dianne’s vegan

Here are some tips on how to do a digital detox.

3. Slay with online shopping

Kudos to online shopping that has made a shopaholics’ life so much easier. Pamper yourself and splurge that hard earned money on something that you’ve been eyeing for too long. Give in to the temptation of buying those heels or bag.

4. Reading Party

This is for you booknerds. Sunday is a great day to enjoy some extra reading. You can indulge in a readathon, host a reading party with your booklover friends, or just take time out to read in your reading nook with some chai/ coffee!

how to spend a Sunday
Reading in pajamas – Pure Bliss! Source – Huffington Post

And if you think reading is too much work and doesn’t match the lazy vibe, you can choose an audiobook. It counts for actual reading and you get a whole new experience listening to a book.

5. Cooking something delish

Okay…Cheating a little here! You’ll have to get out of bed for this one. But you can always enjoy a scrumptious breakfast or lunch in bed.

Do all the preps the previous night, so that on Sunday you’re all set. Try that new recipe, or better, make your signature dish and enjoy with your family or bae in bed. The perfect way to end a weekend and get ready for a happy week ahead.

lazy Sunday in bed
Pamper yourself with a hefty breakfast in bed! Source – qvc uk

Hope these tips help you have a happy and not so productive Sunday. Tell us in the comments below, how do you like to spend your Sunday. And share this with all your friends.

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Spoil yourself on Sunday….xoxo

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  1. Ideas to acche hain per shaadi k baad is me se ek bhi possible nahi ho paaya 😀😀
    Haan Sunday ko kuch spl cook karna mujhe pasand hai 😊

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