Self Love is the best kind of love. Practice Self Love in these 7 ways.

tips to accept change
Look at the bright side!

Self love is all about connecting with yourself and rediscovering yourself. It means to forgive and move on, to be kind and gentle on yourself, and being able to pick yourself up when you’re at the lowest. Self love is like an appraisal, by you and for you.

how to practice self love
Self Love – The key to happiness!
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Here are 7 ways to practice self love and take care of yourself.

1. Cleanse

Just like you cleanse your wardrobe, it is essential to cleanse your system as well. Get rid of thoughts that make you angry or sad. Divert your mind; focus on things that you like to do, spend time with people who make you happy. Get rid of toxic relationships/ friendships and cleanse your soul of the burden of negativity and start practicing self love.

2. Say no to comparisons

Comparing your life to anyone else is the worst you can do for self love. And also comparing yourself to what people show on social media is the biggest mistake that you can do. It is so easy to get deceived in this world where people just show their best moments and filtered versions of themselves. Get inspired, but try and not to get affected by the deceptive world that can be so negative.

self love
No one else is you and that is your power.
Source – authentic growth

3. Accept yourself and be proud

The world today is full of body shaming – you’re too thin, too fat, are you doing something to get rid of those acne marks, apply a fairness cream etc etc…. Accept yourself as you are, that’s the first step of self love. Those stretch marks on your arms or bony legs, dusky complexion or acne marks don’t define you. It might sound preachy but trust me body positivity is one of the biggest ways to practice self love.

importance of self love
Acceptance is the first step to self love! Hi, I am Kritika, Tanya’s favourite features writer.
Love yourself coz you’re unique, beautiful, and all things nice!

4. Build your community

Positive energy is contagious, it spreads like wildfire. Build a network of people who encourage you to do better and get the best in you. Having a closed knit group of people who listen to you and understand not just your ups but also your downs will keep you going on the right path. We cannot do everything ourselves, and sometimes just having that one friend or special someone by your side is all the support that you need.

self love
Sometimes, talking to a friend is the best therapy.

5. Set Boundaries

Set boundaries for personal and professional life. Whether it’s a relationship, friendship, or work, make sure to set boundaries for yourself and know that neither you nor anyone should be allowed to cross them. Crossing these boundaries will harm mentally and emotionally. So, set limits and adhere to them.

self love and acceptance
Set limits and don’t let anyone cross them.
Source – set limits

6. Forgive yourself

Forgiving yourself is one of the most difficult ways to practice self love. We keep blaming and punishing ourselves for our actions. Accept your humanness so that you actually start to love yourself. Yes, you can make mistakes repeatedly. But learn and grow from them, because that’s what matters.

practice self love
If you hold grudges, then your hands aren’t free to catch blessings. Forgive and forget. Hi, I am Tanya!

Life isn’t always easy, you need to find motivation yourself. Read how you can be your own life coach.

7. Give importance to self care

It is good to take time off yourself and give importance to self care. Take care of your body, mind, and soul. A healthy diet, social interactions that encourage and motivate you, meditation to keep yourself calm – yes these might sound cliché, but all these things put together do work wonders.

how to practice self love
Love yourself first before loving anyone else!
Source – potentash

Hope these tips help you sail through confusion and tough times. Start by choosing at least a couple of these changes and you’ll notice a tremendous change in you. Be your first love and shower yourself all that affection.

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  1. Wow,thanks alot for this,i have been battling with this for a long time,nobody wants to be friends with me,i feel dejected,i even find it hard to forgive myself,even the body shaming is the worst and to crown it all i am very slow in speaking maybe my accent is bad,but thank you for making me see the importance of self love

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