Reading is Cool: 5 tips to make reading a habit

how to make reading a habit
That happy feeling of completing your reading goal.

As a voracious reader, I get this question asked many times – ‘How do you read so much?’ Well it’s about liking and making reading a habit. For me reading is a pleasure, nothing less than therapeutic. A good book and a cup of chai and I’m sorted.

importance of reading habit
Follow these tips to make reading a habit in life.

But for those who want to make reading a habit and want to read more, here are some amazing tips.

Read on to find how you can make reading a habit.

1.Set a reading goal or TBR

It is a good idea to set a reading goal and make a TBR (to-be-read) list. Include books that interest you and you’d like to read. Some people make monthly TBRs, while others compile a seasonal TBR. You can also set yearly reading goals and track your update to keep yourself motivated to read more.

how to make reading a habit
That happy feeling of completing your reading goal.

2. Always carry a book

Ask a booknerd what’s that one thing you’ll always find in their bag. The answer will be a book. While traveling, waiting at a café for a friend, free time in college, or stuck in traffic, you can squeeze in a lot of reading time and get so much reading done. A great way to not get bored and read more books!

tips to cultivate a reading habit
Bookworms choose their bag so it can fit atleast one book!

3. Start with small books

If you’re a beginner, I highly recommend you start with short books or even short stories. They are easier to read and keep your interest. Instead of picking a mammoth 700 page book and struggling with it, choose one with about 300 pages.

cultivate reading as a habit
Pick a smaller book and you’ll fly through it.

4. Read a genre you like

Explore various genres – fantasy, thrillers, YA contemporary, sci-fi, historical fiction, romance, or adult fiction. Read books from different genres to know what interests you the most. And once you know your liking, pick up bestsellers from that genre to have a pleasurable reading experience.

how to make reading a habit
Spend a loner evening and enjoy your own company.

Don’t let PMS kill your vibe. Enjoy these amazing books and uplift your mood. 

5. Read 10 – 20 pages a day

If you want to cultivate the habit of reading, a good way to do so is to at least read 10 – 20 pages a day. This way you’ll stay focused and look forward to delving deeper into the story. And when you read every day, slowly it’ll become a habit.  You can also set reading time (although the spontaneity adds to the fun).

how to read more books
Start/ end your day with books. You’ll feel peaceful and happy.

Hope these tips get you in the reading mood and inspire you to pick up a book in this wonderful weather. Follow us on –  FacebookTwitterInstagram for a lot more interesting posts on self betterment, beauty, and lifestyle.

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