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tanya sachdev
Hi, I am Tanya- your Communication Skills & English Coach.

“I wish I could speak like him!” “I so want to be like them.” “I love the way she talks.” “How does he get every client while I am sitting at zero?” “He got a promotion again, really?”

If all this sounds familiar, you are at the right place. A lot of us go through all these emotions at some point in life or the other. We all want to excel and do big in life. I hear you. I am here to ensure you achieve your goals.

Hi, I am Tanya, a Communication Coach from Delhi, India. I help people achieve their goals with my Communication Course online that is delivered like private coaching. This is my blog, my labour of love and one of the top blogs of the country. I also host episodes on fashion styling on a very popular TV channel- Tata Sky Beauty. You can check one of the promos here:

I have hosted several shows on Tata Sky Beauty.

How do you convince clients to work with you? How do you build businesses that are worth crores? Speaking is one skill that helps you in that. People have changed their destiny with their art of speaking. I have seen people going from rags to riches because they know what to talk, how to talk and when to talk. The power of speaking correct things in front of others is known to get you higher on the corporate ladder. People get promotions, rise high in career and do super for themselves. We have walking talking examples around us.

Communication skills help not just in the professional life, but personal life as well. There are people with ample friends and one wonders how! Personal relationships are cultivated by what your speak and how you speak. The intention behind what you speak is also seen here. Speaking correctly and adequate communication are the essence in every situation. Effective Communication skills are the key.

Speaking is an integral part of our life. Public Speaking is just not in front of a huge crowd, it also involves speaking in front of your team, in front of the Board of Directors or while giving a team presentation.

Speaking is also inter-personal and on on one which we do the maximum.

Let’s talk about the Personal Communication Coaching now. I have answered all the concerns below.

How will I conduct the Communication Skills Coaching?

My premium coaching program works at a fantastic pace. We’ll work directly together to help you become confident in Public Speaking & Communication Skills in only 90 days! 

Note: My schedule gets filled very quickly and I mostly have a waiting for new students.

I will conduct it virtually face to face through Skype or any other convenient software. You can be anywhere in the world and take this Communication Course one on one coaching. I am a practical Communication Coach. I understand the power of face to face coaching. Though my Communication Course is online, it’s still face to face. You can ask me your doubts in real time and I will address them.

Here are some incredible things you can achieve with my Public Speaking & Communication Skills Course – one on one coaching.

  • Grow exponentially at work and in your personal life
  • Achieve goals and desired results sooner
  • Change your stubborn habits
  • Life mindfully and positively
  • Multiply your earnings by 5X
  • Program your mind for health, wealth and desired relationships

Duration of the Communication coaching: 90 Day Private Coaching Mentorship with one weekly class at a mutually decided time.

– Weekly deep dive 60 min coaching intensives

– Private voice + text messaging access

– 20 min weekly check in sessions whenever you need it

– Complimentary access to my in person treat if you happen to be in Delhi.

** Nothing off limits

What all is covered in the Communication course online:

  • Self belief- The right mindset for career growth
  • Learn Persuasive Communication Skills
  • How to express yourself clearly, fluently and confidently
  • Impromptu speaking
  • Enhanced presentation skills to achieve big in life
  • Verbal and non-verbal language to make an impact
  • Speak English fluently
  • English Vocabulary + Grammar+ Pronunciation + Sentence Construction
  • Enhanced Public Speaking skills
  • Delivering prepared speeches
  • Email etiquette
  • Business Storytelling skills to make an impact in your career
  • Build leadership and networking skills
  • How to engage your audience at a deeper level
  • Adding humour to your conversations
  • Kill excuses
  • Time Management
  • How to structure an effective presentation and speech
  • Dos and Donts of conversation
  • Decision making and getting rid of overthinking
  • Understanding Public Speaking Jargons
  • Enhanced confidence and the mindset to achieve the goals

Cost: Rs 59,999/- for Indians. USD 700 for foreigners.

Over 90 days, I’ll give you tools, techniques, and secrets to live a lifestyle of abundance and growth. Achieve the impossible! My strategies to improve communications skills have helped many. I provide tried and tested keys of powerful communication to ace the race of life.

This coaching will change your life for good.

God bless all!

tanya sachdev

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