Top 7 benefits of massage for new mommies

post natal massage benefits
Being a new mom is not easy! Relax with post natal massage. Source – classroom

Those nine months are the most special part of a woman’s life. And when you actually hold the baby in your arms, it is a moment to ultimate joy. For all you new mommies, treating yourself with utmost care is so important.

Your body goes through so many changes during and post pregnancy – psychological, emotional, hormonal, and physical. As a new mom you’ll always be busy taking care of the baby. Steal some time for yourself and indulge in post natal massage to relax and rejuvenate your body.

post natal massage benefits
Being a new mom is not easy! Relax with post natal massage.
Source – classroom

Top 7 Benefits of Massage for New Mommies

Post natal massage is a full body massage that is given to the new mum everyday for upto 40 days after birth. It is super relaxing and soothes your entire body.

1. Me Time

New moms don’t get enough time for themselves. A relaxing massage followed by a calming shower would recharge you and give you some alone time. It’ll be a much deserved physical and emotional break.

benefits of massage for new moms
To give your 100% to the baby, find some time for yourself as well.
Source – Smart Parenting

2. Relieves aches and tired muscles

Giving birth to a child is not easy. Your body can be sore and muscles might pain. To ease the tension in muscles and relieve aches, post natal massage is highly beneficial. Your lower back, abdomen, and hips are particularly strained, so why not soothe the pain with a nice massage session.

body massage after delivery
Soothe those tired muscles and enjoy a pamper session.
Source – verywell mind

3. Speedy recovery from caesarean section 

If you’ve had a caesarean section, post natal massage would help you in speedy recovery. Make sure to stay clear of the wound until it has completely healed. Gentle soft massaging strokes will increase blood supply and also help with internal healing.

post pregnancy massage
Relieve the C-Sec pain with gentle massaging.
Source – worldofmoms

4. Boost breast milk production

Regular massaging helps release Oxytocin, also known as ‘Love Hormone’. The hormone triggers and stimulates breast milk ejection reflex, which helps increase breast milk production.

Breast massage in particular would help open blocked ducts and loosen clumps. Stay away from vigorous massaging on breasts, as it may do more harm than benefit. Gentle strokes are what you should stick to.

postpartum massage at home
Enjoy the breastfeeding experience!
Source – workingmother

5. Prepares the body

Regular massage helps the body go back to pre-pregnancy stage. It also prepares your body to handle all the running around and stress for when the baby grows older.

Using almond based oils will help lighten stretch marks. The kneading and stroking actions help tone the body and tighten the loose muscles around tummy area.

post natal massage benefits
Pre-pregnancy body is what your aim should be.
Source – clearwater physical therapy

6. Improves blood circulation

For new moms it is imperative to have an increased flow of blood and oxygen to their muscles. With regular post natal massaging this is possible. Also you get rid of all toxins in your body. It also increases flexibility of the body and soothes stretched nerves.

post pregnancy massage benefits
Better circulation for better overall health.
Source – Hello Magazine

7. Helps cope with postnatal depression

A lot of women go through post natal depression and baby blues. Experts say that massage is a great way to reduce stress and elevate your mood. Massaging encourages the body to release endorphins – natural pain killers and feel good hormones are secreted by the brain.

benefits of massage for new mothers
Kick away post natal depression with a relaxing massage session.
Source – eumom

Make sure you talk to your doctor before indulging in post natal massage. Also it is recommended that you take professional help to avoid any complications.

If you’re a new mom, then do give post natal massage a try and let us know how it benefitted you. Don’t forget to read our maternity fashion post to get amazing fashionable wear ideas.

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  1. Great post 👍👍
    Pehle k time me apx 40 days tak ma n baby ka regular massage hota tha, jis se unko labour pain se hony wali taklif se aram milta tha aur wo fresh bhi feel karty thy, ab na to kisi k pas itna tym hai aur na hi koi agree karega
    Per aapki post ko dekh kar samjh aaya ki in sabki.kitni jarurat hai aur value bhi hai 👏👏

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