Minimalism is for all of us, of course!

Life’s too short & valuable for accumulating physical possessions, ones which anyway you would leave behind. Minimalism pushes in accumulating what matters. Minimalism pushes you in decluttering. Minimalism pushes you towards all that matters. Minimalism pushes you in making the most of your life.

Often I hear people talk about minimalism as if it’s synonymous with ‘living with less’. Minimalism isn’t about living with less, it’s about living with enough. Enough to lead a meaningful life, the one that’s full of experiences, richness in spirit and thinking.

Minimalism is great for you, me and everyone. Thinking that minimalism is not great for certain types of personalities is a hogwash. It’s for all of us because all of us matter.

Let’s understand minimalism to cherish it more. The goal of minimalism isn’t owning less. It’s in fact about owning enough to reach the highest goals of our lives. It’s about removing the extras so that we can concentrate on what matters. The meaning of minimalism will always differ from person to person depending upon the age, culture, country, city, profession, strata, and socio-economic realities. But the realisation of owning less will be the binding thread.

Minimalism helps to see the world differently. It removes the thirst of owning more and more in the pursuit of happiness. It makes you realise that happiness is in empty spaces and not overpacked houses. Minimalism helps you see more than what meets the eye.

Minimalism makes us realise that we have finite number of days, money and resources. The less we spend time on physical possessions, the more time we have for meaningful pursuits. It’s the choice we make at the end of the day!

Few thoughts on ‘Minimalism is for all of us’:

  1. Minimalism is great for all of us

    It offers the same benefits for all of us. We can want different things in life but minimalism helps in achieving one goal- spending on meaningful pursuits than physical possessions.

  2. Minimalism is for greater pursuits

    Don’t be so focussed on wanting & accumulating things that you miss the everyday joy & happiness right in front of you. Minimalism makes us realise that there are greater pursuits than material possessions. Focussing and directing money towards greater pursuits is a better decision, irrespective we have little or much.

  3. Minimalism doesn’t mean being non-sentimental

    Excess of possession is a burden, whether you are sentimental or not. Minimalism forces you to look within. Minimalism doesn’t force you to get into a set of rigid rules on the number of items you can possess or the number of outfits in your wardrobe. It is about owning as much to accomplish the most with your life. It is about removing extras that distract you. That’s it. You can have any personality characteristic, minimalism is for all of us, including the sentimental ones.

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  4. Minimalism is for all professions, including crafters

    You can be a corporate worker, a painter, a teacher, a doctor, a whatever you want to be. If you need a room full of paints to pursue your love for painting, so be it. But remove the other unneeded extras in your home. Free up your time, space and money. Minimalism doesn’t dictate your life and tells you what to do and what not. It doesn’t dictate your career, hobbies or possessions. It only reminds us to that our lives are precious and not worth wasting collecting clutter. This is true for all of us.


Let’s discuss this in the comments below. It’s an important one.


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