5 Effective Ways to Manage Evening Anxiety

how to manage anxiety
Manage 4pm Blues with these easy tips. Source – evening standard

If you think you’re the only person who feels dull and sad around 4 pm, then be glad, you’re not the only one. 4 PM blues are a real thing. There’s just something about late afternoons that brings about sadness and gloom. Follow our 5 effective ways to manage evening anxiety to get the situation in control. Get super productive and take charge.

Anxiety and depression tends to get worse in the evening. This maybe because you’re lost in your own thoughts and have various distractions. It can hamper your creativity, affect your sleep cycle, and zap all your energy. These tips to reduce stress and stop anxiety work well.

Here are 5 effective ways to manage evening anxiety.

1.Make a routine

As boring as it may sound, but making a routine and sticking to it will ensure that your mind has no time for wandering thoughts. Mostly late afternoon blues strike because you’re deviated from your goals. You have done the day in full vigour and by now your battery is drained. Making a routine is a good way to cope with anxiety. Read on.

4 pm blues
Sometimes following a boring routine is also helpful. Source – able venture

Make sure that your routine involves you doing something or the other around the time when you feel anxious in the evening. Also, make sure you have enough transition time between tasks so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. For instance, keep 4’o clock to 5 for a Yoga class if you stay at home at that hour. If it’s at work, ensure you finish a particular task related to your work at that hour. Just be busy so that you don’t have time to think and feel anxious.

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2. Be aware of the triggers

One of the best ways to fight anxiety is to know what triggers it. For some people anxiety and depression can become a major hurdle in doing their everyday chores. The most important thing is to acknowledge the fact that evening anxiety is causing stress in your life.

how to cope with anxiety
Take a deep breath! Everything will be OK. Source – image ie

Once you accept it, you can take the necessary steps to give anxiety a tough fight. If you think you cannot manage your anxiety and depression, we highly recommend you seek help from friends and family. Make note of your anxiety symptoms and nip them in the bud next time.

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3. Unwind and Relax

For most of us the day starts rather early and by the time the clock hits 4 pm, the energy levels start to recede. The best way to keep evening anxiety at bay is by taking some time off. Spending 15 minutes with yourself will help you a lot.

Something as simple as practicing relaxing techniques like deep breathing, yoga, or journaling will be of great help. You can also relax with a cup of tea/coffee and some light music or reading. Unwinding makes for one of the best tips for anxiety relief & management.

anxiety and depression
Take a break and some inspiration from this charismatic man! Source – D’marge

4. Write down your thoughts

Keep a journal and write down your thoughts when you feel anxious. Be sure to include all your fears and insecurities. The idea is to get them out of your system. This will allow your mind to get rid of negativity and be calmer. This works superb for night time too. Writing a journal and pouring your heat out is a good tip for beating anxiety to get a better sleep at night.

how to manage 4 pm blues
Pour your thoughts and heart on a paper to feel light! Source – calmer you

5. Set goals

When you set short term goals and work towards accomplishing them, your mind will be distracted from all the negative thoughts. Something like finishing a book, studying for an hour, or just completing an assignment will do good. All these might be trivial tasks, but when you put your energy and mind into these tasks, you’ll be able to fight anxiety and be more productive. Empty mind is devil’s workshop. Just don’t leave your mind empty and not let the devil (anxiety in this case) work.

All these tips effectively improve sleep and manage anxiety.

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These were our 5 effective ways to manage evening anxiety.

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