5 Ways to say NO without feeling guilty

learn how to say no
Say NO simply and avoid all the mess. Source – rachelrofe

There is a fine line between being firm and rude. If you think you’re a bad person for saying no, then don’t feel guilty. Sometimes it is important to become selfish and put yourself first. Wondering how to say NO when you want to say No, here’s some help.

learn how to say no
Say NO simply and avoid all the mess.
Source – rachelrofe

1.Be firm

When you have to say ‘No’ to a particular situation, just say ‘No’ without beating around the bush. Don’t feel guilty about it.

say no
No is a complete sentence. It needs no explanation or justification.
Source – medium

And always remember that if a person doesn’t understand your refusal, he/she might not be a true friend. Don’t feel compelled to give in to the other person’s plans every time just to please them. This way you’ll feel uncomfortable and make the whole situation all the more formal.

2. For the sake of your time

Schedule your time so that it is easy for you to know what you’re doing when. For example, you’ve made a dinner plan with family for Saturday evening and your friends ask you to join them for a soccer game, you’d be able to refuse politely telling them about your prior family commitments.

It is your time so you need to prioritize and strike a balance between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

3.Being Courteous always helps

Most times when people think how to say ‘No’ they are always assessing the consequences. The best way to avoid any tiff is to be polite and courteous while refusing to a particular thing.

how to say no at work
People often say yes because they don’t want to hurt the person. But learning to say No is an art and you can master it.
Source – thedailyquotes

Instead of just saying ‘No’, you can always say ‘I appreciate your idea, but I am so caught up this week to devote time to this.’

4. Set your priorities right

You cannot do everything, and only you can decide what gets most importance. When you have your priorities set right, stick to them and politely refuse to activities that can steer you away from your goal.

Apply this rule for personal and professional life, and you’ll see it works effectively. For example, if a colleague asks you to stay late and finish some extra work and you have already made a family commitment, be firm and politely respond ‘Sorry, I have a family commitment today!’

how to say no without feeling guilty
The faster you learn the art of saying No, the better you’ll feel.
Source -quotesfancy

5. Simply say NO

Having a lengthy vague explanation for saying ‘No’ just messes up the entire thing. The other person might think you’re cooking up excuses to avoid them.

It is best to simply refuse in a polite manner. You could just say ‘I’m sorry, that doesn’t work for me’ or ‘No, I’ll not be able to manage it this time’. It’s this simple, silly 🙂

Hope these simple tips work for you and you’re able to say no when you want to say no. Life is beautiful and saying No is beautiful too. Live your life the way you want.

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