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My Name is Tanya Sachdev and I will get you the best English Speaking Masterclasses, newsletters and courses. I have an extensive teaching experience of English. I understand the problems faced by my students.

I will fix your English Grammar and Pronunciation mistakes.

I will BOOST YOUR CAREER by improving English Communication Skills, Vocabulary, Diction, Intonation, Fluency, Pronunciation and Tenses.

Bonus: I will send you regular emails time to time to help you improve your English. I will send you tips and tricks to speak English frequently.

My emails are designed to help you learn, practice and fine- tune your spoken communication skills, with focus on using vocabulary and grammar accurately.

In due course, you will be able to feel comfortable using English to talk, communicate and present your ideas to others in everyday situations. You will be able to get a high band in IELTS Spoken English Test with the help of my tips.

Hurry, register NOW. I work with my experience.

Content: I will cover the following:

Fluency and coherence : I will prepare your ability to talk with a good level of continuity. I’ll work on cohesive devices and fluency.

Vocabulary: I will work on your vocabulary, usage of words and the variety of words that can be used to express yourself clearly.

Grammatical accuracy: I will help you in decreasing your grammatical errors and speak without hesitation.

Pronunciation: I will improve your ability to produce comprehensible speech which can be understood by others easily.

“We used to work with our hands for many centuries; then we worked with our heads, & now we’re going to have to work with our hearts, because there’s one thing machines cannot, do not, & never will have, & that’s a heart. We’re going from hands to heads to hearts” ~ Thomas Friedman

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