How to un-potato in your life? Follow these 6 easy tips

how to un-potato
6 ways to un-potato in life

There are times when sadness engulfs us. We feel worthless and feel that life has no purpose. During times when you feel like a sad potato, it is important to learn how to un-potato in life. Time to take full charge of your life and face the difficulties heads on.

how to un-potato
6 Ways to un-potato in life

6 Easy ways to un-potato in your life.

1. Accept the situation

Whether you’re sad because of work, or are feeling low on productivity due to some personal reason, the first thing is to accept the situation. Don’t keep running away from it. Accept it and only then can you work upon yourself and un-potato your life.

2. Declutter and get rid of the mess

Be it your desk, room, or mind, it is so important to declutter every now and then. Try to organize things and get rid of the excess. Cleaning up is such a great way to put things into motion. You know that the cleaning process will be followed by some serious work.

how to not be a potato
Get rid of the clutter for a fresh new perspective on life!

And it is mostly seen that when you clean up and declutter your space, you tend to become a lot happier and feel at peace. Your productivity and creativity also tends to increase.

3. Step out and break the monotony

Following the same old routine can be so boring and make you a sad potato. If you want to un-potato, it will be great to step out and do something that you love. Meet up with friends for a coffee, go for a date with yourself, watch a play or a movie, or just enjoy a small shopping session!

Work from a cafe, step out for a date with yourself, or enjoy a lunch with friends – just break the monotony. Source – bfbookkeeping

The idea is to break the monotony and do more of things that bring happiness and joy to you. It is these small joys that add to life and make it a blessing.

4. Watch happy stuff

For some people baby videos are their happy times while for others watching cartoons is a great stress-buster. Whatever makes you feel good, watch it. It is also a great idea to watch some inspirational movies or documentaries.

You can also listen to a podcast. Do this while cleaning your room and you can do two things at a time to feel a lot more accomplished – ultimate aim of how to un-potato in life.

5. Read more

Books are our best friends and they teach us so much. Whenever I feel lost or like a sad potato, I pick up a cute happy book and lose myself in the pages. You can pick-up a memoir, a mystery thriller, or even a non-fiction, just about anything you like.

tips on how to avoid being a potato in life
Can never have enough of Murakami!

Read more and get inspired to do more in life. Here are 5 books that’ll change your life in 2019.

6. Take charge

There are times when we feel sad and worthless about life in general. It is important to identify the signs and then take charge of the situation. Make sure you break through the vicious cycle or else you’ll get totally caught up.

how do i stop being a potato
Motivate yourself and take charge to be a better version of yourself..

Here are some small tips that’ll help you power up and take charge –

  • Make a routine for yourself and try to follow it.
  • Invest your time in learning a new craft or going back to an old hobby.
  • Take time off to unwind and cleanse your soul.
  • Disconnect to reconnect – try doing a digital detox, even if it’s for a day.

Here are 5 tips that’ll be helpful when you’re trying to do a digital detox.

I hope these tips are helpful for you. Share them with a friend who needs motivation and help them un-potato in life.

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