Seasonal Depression: How to stay happy in gloomy winters

how to be happy in gloomy weather
Kick away the winter blues with these effective tips. Source -93.7JR Fm

As much as we all (well, most of us at least) love winters, it comes with its share of grey lining. The beautiful winter clothes, warmth in winter sun, and delicious winter delicacies are sometimes not enough to keep the seasonal depression at bay. How to stay happy in gloomy winters becomes a challenge. Read ahead and beat this winter depression.

How to stay happy in gloomy winters
Kick away the winter blues with these effective tips.
Source -93.7JR Fm

Winter blues is a thing that a lot of us go through. You might feel more tired, anxious, or just not have the will to do anything. The winter gloom thanks to Mother Nature can have effects on your body and mind.

If you feel glum and gloomy during fall winter, then here’s some help. Read our effective 7 ways on How to stay happy in gloomy winters …

1. Go out for a walk

The sun can be a little dull, but it will still do wonders for your mind and soul. Take a stroll in the sun-kissed morning or noon and uplift your mood. It would also give you your daily dose of vitamin D. Many times deficient of vitamin D can cause headaches and mood swings in winters.

beat the winter blues
Soak up some sun!!
Source – letsmoveoutside

2. Exercise

When it is bone chilling, your body craves for some warmth. Let this warmth come from the body heat when you burn calories. Indulge in a workout session. Go for a cycling session or brisk walking in the park. You could enjoy indoor exercise sessions like zumba, dancing, or aerobics. The idea is to keep yourself energized and thus, not to be gloomy.

winter blues
Burn those calories. You’ll feel so good.
Source – todayshow

3. Eat right

What you eat makes a lot of difference on your mental and physical health. During the winters we all tend to go on a binge and eat excessive sweets and pizzas. And when you’re feeling gloomy this increases manifold. But then you need to break free from the cycle and eat healthy.

stay happy in gloomy winters,
Eat your way to a healthy mind and body.
Source – southchinamorningpost
  • Include a lot of salads and fresh fruits in your daily diet.
  • Cut down on sugar. Addiction to sugar and white-flour is known to have adverse effects on your brain, especially during this season.
  • Replace your usual tea or black coffee with chamomile tea during winters. Chamomile tea is known to ease off anxiety and mood swings.
  • Include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. You can have foods rich in it or pop omega-3 supplements (on doctor’s advice). These have positive effects on your emotional health.
how to prepare yourself for the gloomy season
Chamomile Tea is effective in reducing anxiety and soothes stress.
Source – homeremediesweb

4. Wear bright colors

Winters are all about deeper hues. But to cheer yourself up it is a great idea to wear bright happy colors. Substitute boring plain pullovers with quirky printed ones. Wear bright red lipstick (trust me, red lipstick has superpowers).

seasonal affected disorder
Adding a pop of color to your winter wardrobe is a great way to uplift your moods.
Source – okchicas

Make a conscious effort to stay clear from blacks and blues. Instead experiment with green, burgundy, purple, and even oxblood – the hottest color trend for winters. You cannot control the weather around you, but you can add festive bright colors to the interiors and make it a happy space.

how to overcome winter blues
Adding bright colored cushions or colorful home accessories will give a happy vibe.
Source – indecora

5. Meet your friends

There is no therapy better than meeting your close friends. Catching up with friends when feeling low is a great way to pep up your mood. A simple coffee date or a shopping spree with your bestie will help you sail through.

what is seasonal affected disorder
Coffee doesn’t ask questions, Coffee understands.
Source – doctorstime

You could also join an online support group and meet people who like you go through winter blues. But nothing beats the offline touch of a friend or family.

6. Go on a vacation

As cliché as it sounds, a vacation is sometimes the solution to everything. Go for a solo trip (if you feel like) to a destination you’ve been eyeing for a long time and rejuvenate yourself. Or maybe a beach vacation with all your friends to kick away the winter blues!

how not to be gloomy in winters
We all need Vitamin Sea
Source – blog.splender

Taking your mind and body to a sunny spot for a few days will fill you up with energy and give you the strength to face those dull days back home with vigour.

7. Talk it out

If you think any of these methods isn’t effective we suggest you talk to an expert. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression which is a reaction to reduced sunlight.

Mental health is as important as your physical health and taking help from an expert will be greatly beneficial.

How to stay happy in gloomy winters
Seeking help from a professional is always a good idea.
Source – amawire

You can also speak to family and friends and take their expert advice. But talk. Don’t sit alone and ponder. Pick up the phone or go to someone’s house, but just talk and don’t be alone. This definitely helps.

Hope these tips help you kick away seasonal depression. For more such interesting thoughts on self betterment, fashion, and beauty, join the Let’s Expresso sisterhood on our social media – FacebookTwitterInstagram.

Have a happy winter! With these tips, the challenge of How to stay happy in gloomy winters would no longer be difficult.

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