How to Love Yourself? 10 things to do right now

love yourself
Nobody can make you happy, until you are happy with yourself first. Source – playbuzz

Many times we forget to love ourselves. In the race of life when we are constantly struggling to maintain an image and impress others, self love takes a back seat. It is time to revive your love for yourself.

love yourself
Nobody can make you happy, until you are happy with yourself first.
Source – playbuzz

Life would be so much happier when you start appreciating the way you are and stop being embarrassed about your flaws. After all, flawless beauty is just a fairy tale concept.

How to Love Yourself? Here are 10 easy ways in which you can love yourself.

1. Love your body

Fat is beautiful, thin is beautiful, fair is beautiful, dark is beautiful. You are beautiful. Embrace your body and love your body.

Dress the way you want to and remind yourself that you’re worth everything. Don’t fall prey to the judgmental societal norms of beauty. Each one of us is beautiful in our special way.

love your body
Loving yourself isn’t vanity, it’s sanity.
Source – losebabyweight

2. Accept the past and move on

When you cannot change the past, why crib over it. The best way is to accept the past and move on. Whatever the situation be, it will surely have a lesson. You might not understand it today, but one day it’ll all make sense.

3. Wanderlust feels

Sometimes it is okay to not have a plan and just chase that wanderlust feel. Going on a solo trip or with someone is a great idea to channelize your thoughts, spend some ‘Me Time’ and just rejuvenate.

Have a heart full of stories rather a trunk full of stuff.
Source – icytales

Take the plunge and enjoy a getaway to an unknown land. Beaches or mountains, follow your heart.

4. Forgive yourself

When you forgive you don’t change the past, but you take a step towards changing the future. It takes heart and courage to forgive, but when you do it for yourself, it heals you from within. Try it once, you’ll feel a lot better.

Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

5. Share your pain

Keeping pain and grief inside will not just harm you, it’ll make life bitter. Share your pain with someone to feel relaxed. A cousin, friend, or even your parents, we all have a circle of people who always care. All you need to do is find who those people are and just talk your heart out.

positive life
Sometimes the worst place you can be is in your own head. Talk things out.
Source – tidliginnsats.forebygging

6. Pursue a hobby

Photography, dance, or painting, whatever is your hidden talent, take time to pursue that hobby. It feels so good to revive your talent and be able to do something that you love. Join a workshop or a weekend course to brush your skills. And then let the world be your canvas.

7. Spoil yourself with gifts

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? But it becomes all the more special when you spoil yourself with gifts. Splurge on those killer heels, give in to the temptation and buy that beautiful perfume, trust me you’ll feel amazing.

Retail therapy always works.
Source – beterprice

When you do so much for others why not invest in some gifts for yourself as well. It feels amazing and is so worth it.

shoe shopping
If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it.
Source – trendonline

8. Go out with friends

There is nothing like spending a day out with friends. Go on a lunch date with bestie and gossip, enjoy a evening out with your gang of friends and laugh on the same old college stories, or just catch up with a long lost friend over a cup of coffee. These simple joys in life make the best memories, so cherish these moments.

coffee date
Sometimes coffee and gossip is all the therapy you need.
Source – Dailyhive

9. Step out of a bad relationship 

Staying in a bad relationship can make your thoughts and life toxic. Have the courage to fight the negativity that the bad relationship brings with it. It’s better to bear the pain once rather than torturing yourself everyday! Sometimes it’s just the time that’s playing against you or your relationship. Breaking with someone is not a good idea always, you can take a break too. The universe eventually settles everything.

10. Say yes to a healthy body

You don’t have to be a particular size, it is all about healthy living. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, get enough sleep, and take care of your body.

Pick an exercise that you like, go swimming, join a dance class or Zumba, or go cycling. It is about keeping your body active and enjoying the exercise you do. You can even join a couple program – a dance class, gym, or any sport that you both love.

eat healthy
Eat healthy, stay fit.
Source – netdoctor

Hope these tips help you. Don’t forget to share the post with someone who’s looking for some positivity and inspiration.

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