How to improve your personality? 5 Ways that truly work

how to improve your personality
Follow these golden rules and be better every day! Source – shawnashmore

When we say someone has a ‘good personality’, it means the person is likeable, pleasant, fun to be with, and interesting. Personality is an amalgamation of a lot of skills – the way you communicate, how you present yourself, your confidence etc. If you’re someone who’s wondering how to improve your personality, then you need to know that it is a continuous work and requires dedication and effort.

Importance of personality development is enormous, specially in today’s competitive world. An impressive personality makes you stand apart from the crowd. It helps people to make a mark of their own. Here are 5 ways to develop a good personality and attitude.

5 Ways to improve your personality

1.Work on your interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are also called life skills, and this means they’ll help you all through your life. There are so many aspects of interpersonal skills like – patience, active listening, teamwork, flexibility, problem solving, negotiation, verbal and non-verbal communication, assertiveness, decision making etc.

Develop these skills to shape your personality!
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You cannot develop all these skills at once. Find out which of these are your strengths, polish those skills. And in the ones that you lack, take guidance and work on them to improve those skills.

Find out how you can improve your communication skills with these tips.

2. Evolve your style

Style is about you! If you don’t like your personality, try changing your style a little. Dress as per your body-type, pay attention to grooming – well ironed clothes, clean nails, hair looking on fleek, trying a new outfit style and experimenting with looks. These are small things, but a little tweak here and there will give you that boost of confidence to improve your personality.

Personality development tips for ladies include a lot of styling and working on their looks as per their body types.

Ladies, you can read this further: How to dress as per your body type and look stunning?

how to improve your personality
Experiment with your style to develop a strong personality.

3. Enhance your vocabulary

Read the newspaper, read books, listen to podcasts….there are so many ways to improve your vocabulary. Make it a point to learn a new word every day and then to use it in your day-to-day conversations. This will make you sound so classy and you’ll see your confidence soaring high.

This makes one of the most advocated personality development tips for employees. Read about your industry, competition and opportunities. Use your industry related vocabulary in your talks to sound aware and informed. It’ll help in making a strong impression.

Here’s how you can speak English like a native speaker.

4. Work on your body language

OMG – cannot stress how important this is. Don’t slouch and keep your back straight! Remember when mom used to say this and we conveniently ignored it. Now is the time to implement it.

Make sure you make eye contact when you’re talking to someone, keep your facial expressions minimal, don’t move your hands too much, and also be careful about your posture and hand gestures. All these tiny things add up to enhance your confidence and build a strong personality.

Body language is a part of the non-verbal communication. One of the unique ways to develop a strong personality is by having a good grip over your body language. One’s body language reveals a lot about the individual. Be careful to send out a positive signal on this front.

how to improve your personality
Strong body language radiates confidence!

5. Don’t shout and don’t be aggressive

The way you speak and the tone of your voice matters a lot. There’s a thin line between being affirmative & firm and being rude. Never cross that line. Put your point in a strong but polite manner. Raising your voice will not help at all.

Calm down, gather your thoughts, spit out that anger, and speak in a ‘firm’ way! It is such a distinctive & unique way to develop a strong personality.

Now you know how to improve your personality, begin today by working on yourself. Start by implementing these 5 tips and you’ll surely see a difference. Go through your personality development stages and see a remarkable difference in yourself.

Happy transformation!

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