5 must do things to enjoy monsoons

monsoons in India
When life gives you rainy days, wear cute boots and jump in the puddles. Source – youngistan.in

Bollywood has spoilt us all with dreamy rain sequences. In real life though monsoons can be somewhat chaotic. But keeping that aside, we’ll focus on all things happy!

This monsoon instead of cribbing about water logging, traffic jam, and what not, we share with you our idea of enjoying rains.

monsoons in India
When life gives you rainy days, wear cute boots and jump in the puddles.
Source – youngistan.in

5 ways to enjoy monsoon and make the most of this lovely weather.

1. Monsoon friendly clothes and shoes

While monsoon is the time to enjoy, it is also the time to put those pretty whites and pastels back into the closet. Wear bright colors to cheer yourself up.

  • Choose a fabric that dries off quickly like synthetic, lycra mixed cotton, nylon, and polyester.
  • Avoid wearing skirts, Patiala salwars and palazzos. Stick to leggings or churidars. You can also pair loose fitting kurtis with pants. Shorts and crocs make the best combination for monsoons.
    monsoon fashion
    Dont let rain hamper your fashion journey.
    Source – dreamclosetcouture

Wear a raincoat. It will save your clothes from getting wet and soiled.

Make sure you’re wearing monsoon friendly shoes to keep your feet safe from all the muck and mud.

jelly shoes
These colorful silicone shoes are what you need in monsoons.
Source – playbuzz
  • Silicone or jelly shoes work best. They are available in a variety of designs – flat sandals, ballerinas, and even heels.
  • For most part of the year, hunter boots might be the ugliest thing you’d come across. But during monsoon we get biased towards them. Flaunt these plastic gum boots with jeans for an edgy look.
monsoon boots
Keep calm and love rainy days.
Source – theatlanticpacific

2. Flaunt pretty umbrellas

Gone are the times of those boring black umbrellas. Today umbrellas have become a fashion accessory. Whether it is a big rainbow one, or the quintessential transparent one, a pretty umbrella will break the monotony of the gloomy grey weather.

These colorful umbrellas are sure to kick away the monsoon gloom.
Source – kellymindell

Buy some cute printed umbrellas from the sale season, and have fun flaunting them. And not to miss that romancing under the umbrella has its own charm.

monsoon tips
Those who say only sunshine brings happiness, have never danced in the rain.
Source – tipsoye

3. Rainy day treats

Think of rains, think of chai. The inevitable combination of chai and pakodas on a rainy day is nothing short of bliss. Munching on hot samosas or kachoris is fine once in a while.

Rain and tea
The perfect combination for a rainy day.
Source – Caleidoscope

And when talking about monsoon showers, how can we forget the evergreen roasted corn. Nothing like enjoying a long walk and gorging on that masaledar bhutta.

monsoon foods
Yummy in the tummy.
Source – hikewe

Don’t make monsoons a reason to eat unhealthy. Enjoy a cup of hot soup with breadsticks. Or how about some healthy and fulfilling salad to compensate all the extra calories! Being a true Dilliwala I cannot miss including momos in this list.

ways to enjoy monsoons
Happiness is a cup of hot tea when it’s raining outside.
Source – bayside journal

4. Getting Wet

This monsoon go the old school way and relive the moments of your childhood. Make paper boats and jump in the puddles, just like those golden days.

Puddles and paper boats to relive the nostalgia. Source - playbuzz
Puddles and paper boats to relive the nostalgia.
Source – playbuzz

Go for a long walk in the rain and forget all your worries. Let the rain wash away your sorrows and fill you with new zeal.

PS – Don’t overdo this, because we don’t want you to fall sick.

rainy day
Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.
Source – la tercerachica

5. Relax and unwind

Taking a day off on a rainy day – simple joys of life! Relax and unwind with your favorite monsoon playlist.

relaxing in monsoons
Rainy days = Cuddle up days!!
Source – myownhomedecorblog

The unmatched happiness of being bundled up in bed with a book and some coffee. Or maybe a movie marathon with the love of your life all cuddled up!

Rightly said that sometimes life is about enjoying these small moments and treasuring them forever.

ways to enjoy monsoon
Rainy day is a special gift for reader.
Source – AqsaAli/Pinterest

If you have some fond monsoon memories, do share them with us in the comments section below. And for the latest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle follow us on all our social media – FacebookTwitterInstagram.

Have a happy monsoon!

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