How to develop good personality and attitude in five fantastic ways

personality development tips for ladies
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Your personality is like your shadow, it’s always with you. The good thing is that you can always work on your personality to improve it. We’re all work in progress, so why not make that extra effort. A lot of people ask – how to develop good personality and attitude? Well, it cannot happen overnight, you need to be constantly working on it.

How to improve your personality is easy and achievable with our 5 ways listed below. Read on and take notes. We cannot stress more on the importance of Personality Development in today’s crazily competitive world. A sound personality manages work and family with utmost grace and leads life in a sound manner.

Learn how to develop good personality and attitude in five fantastic ways.

1.Follow how your role model conducts himself/ herself

Having a role model is always a good idea. See how they conduct themselves. Observe the way they talk, their body language, their way of dressing up, what accessories they take, and their overall persona. Take inspiration and you can also conduct yourself in a similar way to develop a good personality and attitude. For example, Tanya is a fan of Judith Rasband. She is the leading Image Consultant worldwide. Tanya watches the way she talks, expresses and gives her opinions. There is a lot that we can learn from the role models.

2. Work on your communication skills

The way you communicate speaks so much about you as a person. Make an effort to improve your communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal communication. Pay attention to the language you use, tone of your voice, and non-verbal cues like hand movements, gestures, eye contact etc.

personality development tips for employees
Transform your personality with good communication skills.
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This may seem a small thing, but when you actually work and develop your communication skills, you’ll see what a huge difference it’ll make in shaping your personality.

Learn from these tips to improve your communication skills.

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3. Dress crisp

You don’t need to always burn a hole in your pocket to look stylish. It is the way you carry yourself that matters. Even when you style basic pieces, make sure to add a glam touch. Carry a smart bag, wear a statement accessory, pair your outfit with classy shoes!

how to improve your personality
Dress to impress as per the occasion. Your dressing should be as per the occasion you are dressing for. Tanya is off to a coffee plan, hence dressed casually yet stylishly.

Be trendy in your own way. If you feel a particular cut or style suits your body, go for it. Don’t be a fashion victim. Your personality is as unique as you! This makes one of my best personality development tips for ladies.

Read how you can look stylish on a budget and make a statement.

4. Know your strengths and bank upon them

I know what my strengths are and I always try to highlight them in my personality. It just adds a special touch to make you and your work limited edition.

Of course this doesn’t mean that we should neglect our weaknesses. For example, being short tempered was one of my biggest weaknesses. But for the past year I have made a conscious effort (yes, difficult a lot of times) to be more patient with myself and others. It is a work in progress and has reflected on my personality in a good way. I think this is one of the many helpful personality development tips for employees.

unique ways to develop strong personality
Be confident and conquer the world!

5. Make yourself known

Brand yourself right – at the right place, amidst the right people! When you meet new people you observe so many things, try and implement the good things in your personality. Make yourself known for your talent, your uniqueness, and your identity. You are your best advertisement. Never underestimate yourself. A lot of people want to get in your shoes, you never know. Always hold yourself in high opinion so that others rate you accordingly. 

I’m sharing these tips not because I’m perfect, because I have learnt something and want to share with you all. All of us are trying to improve in our own small ways, so encourage each other and be that support! When you take something good from this blog, we get a smile. When you comment something good, we get a high. We feel our job is done.

Tanya and I are passionate about what we write here and always work hard to get the best and the most practical personality development tips here. We brainstormed a lot on this topic of how to develop good personality and attitude. These five fantastic ways are a sum total of our experiences & learnings.

Happy learning and implementing. We would love to hear about the transformations you undergo after reading this article. Do comment below and don’t forget to follow Tanya on Instagram for her Self Development and Style tips.

Take care!

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