Build Resilience: 8 ways to move forward in life

resilience meaning
Old ways wont open new doors. Accept change with happiness. Source – deprapassquella

Resilience dictionary meaning- the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Resilience is the quality that allows knocked down people to come back stronger than before. For some people resilience as a characteristic trait comes naturally while others have to work a little hard to build it. No matter where you fall, we’ll help you on how to build resilience and fight out in life. Come back stronger for you are an eternal shine.

what is resilience
Build resilience and move forward in life!

Developing resilience is a skill that takes time. Be patient, practice it, and you’ll get there for sure. Here are a few techniques to build resilience and move forward in life.

8 ways of how to build resilience and move forward in life

1.Find your purpose

Life can be unfair sometimes. But if you focus on the negative, then that’s what will reflect in your life. Train your mind to channelize the energy in something creative, so that you can work towards the ultimate purpose of your life.

how to be resilient in life
Love what you do. Do what you love!
Source – notonthehighstreet

Involve yourself in community work, talk to likeminded people, join support groups, and participate in constructive activities. You could also take up a long lost hobby or passion.

2. Pump up positivity levels

Life is all about ups and downs, and it is very easy to be de-motivated during the lows. But what makes you strong is the will to keep moving ahead in life.

how to move forward in life
Make today so awesome, yesterday gets jealous.
Source -possibilitychange

I agree that there are tough times when you feel nothing’s right. Hold on! Keeping a positive outlook towards life and finding encouragement in every situation helps greatly.

Resilient people tend to find silver lining in even the worst of circumstances and that’s what makes them special. Find your silver lining, it’s there for sure.

positive outlook in life
Radiate positivity and attract positivity.
Source – picturequotes

3. Learn to accept and forgive

The first step towards building resilience and moving forward in life is to accept the situation and to make peace with it. Try not to blame the consequences on yourself and forgive yourself. We all are dealing with demons and difficulties in our own way.

how to build resilience
Don’t be too harsh on yourself lovelies. Take it easy.
Source – andrea de leon

Remember when you forgive, you cannot change the past, but you can shape a happier future. Be good to yourself! Do something every single day that makes you smile.

4. Be open to change

Change is the only constant! Be open to change to build resilience and move forward in life. When you’re more adaptable, you are better prepared to respond to difficult situations in life.

resilience meaning
Old ways won’t open new doors. Accept change with happiness.
Source – deprapassquella

Adjusting to change can cause difficulty, but when you have the will to keep moving forward then any change cannot become a hurdle in your life path. Embrace change and see the positive in it.

5. Take care of yourself

Take care of your health – physical and mental. Eat well, exercise, and rest. Also don’t forget to take time off and do something that you love. When you’re stressed you tend to ignore your needs – loss of appetite, not taking care of your health, unhealthy eating and what not. Take care of yourself to build resilience and be prepared to give the challenges of life a tough competition.

self betterment
You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.
Source – w-dog

Tip: Taking mental breaks at regular intervals is greatly beneficial. It helps you to unwind and reduces the chances of you becoming overwhelmed and reacting in a negative way.

Find out how you can shut off and enjoy your own company.

6. Work on your problem-solving skills

It is easy to focus on the problem, but it takes heart to find solutions. People who focus on finding solutions to life problems are able to cope up with tough situations better. Experiment with different solutions and have a flexible approach.

problem solving skills
See the wider perspective of the problem to find solutions.
Source – tonextraining

Whenever you face a problem, assess the pros and cons of it. And always think logically. Head over heart is something that I always abide by and have always benefitted from it.

7. Establish realistic goals

Often we establish goals for ourselves, but they are so out of reach that it is almost impossible to achieve them. Thus, establishing realistic goals is the key to success.

how to build resilience
Set goals that you can achieve and be proud of yourself.
Source – tearsfromyesterday

Make short term goals that you can achieve with ease. Reward yourself for achieving them and learn from your mistakes. If you find yourself stuck, step back and assess the situation. Most things work fine, including you when you unplug.

how to be successful
Unplug and Unwind to find all the answers within.
Source -annstreetstudio

8. Keep enhancing your skills

Resilience takes time to build. Don’t be discouraged of failures. Instead keep enhancing your skills and work upon your skills. Develop characteristics of resilience like – strong social connections, sense of control, ability to ask for help, identifying as a survivor and not as victim.

how to build resilience
Those who have the power of working on their dreams are the real heroes.
Source -imcites

Hope these tips on ‘how to build resilience’ help you cross those obstacles and triumph in life. For more such amazing posts on self betterment, fashion, and lifestyle, follow us on – FacebookTwitterInstagram.

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