How to be mentally strong and happy?

Self-confident people have an enigma, a charm that’s difficult to decipher. Of all the right things they do, here are 7 things they certainly do. ‘How to be mentally strong and happy‘ is no easy recipe. It needs practice & determination. Take notes. This is worth your time and energy. Our tips for building mental and emotional strength will change your life.

How to be mentally strong and happy?

We give you 7 habits that will help you become mentally strong.

1. Stop worrying about what others think about you

Everyone has their own life. You think that others are interested in your life, but in reality, they aren’t. Mentally strong people know this. They don’t worry about what others think of them. They stay focussed on their goals and do all that it takes to achieve them. I know of someone who never applied for a new job as he was so worried about what others will think of him. His worry was the rejection at the new job. On my guidance, he applied for three new jobs and got through one. This gave him the confidence and he cared a lot less of what others thought of him. Being mentally strong can be achieved with practice and right guidance.

Have you ever asked yourself- ‘How can I train my mind to be stronger than emotions?’ The first step in this training is to stop worrying about what others think of you. The day you’ll liberate yourself from this limitation, life will be different.

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2. Stop Feeling sorry for yourself

Stop it right away. You are not a victim. It’s all in your mind and you gotta stop it right away. Mentally strong people can be sad but they light their hopes again and work on their lives. Rather than looking for pity, they find solutions to their problems and get going.

3. Stop Complaining and whining all the time

That’s contagious! I have seen some people only complaining their way away. They have brilliant knack of finding problems in non-existent areas and complaining to the world through social media. Mentally strong people do complain but only to find solutions and to people who can give them solutions. They don’t waste their time complaining on irrelevant issues and to irrelevant people. They address concerns to people who have the right attitude to fix the situation.

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4. Stop Overthinking things to eternity

Mentally strong people do not get into the rigmarole of over-analysing a situation. They evaluate their options, fine tune and take actions. They understand the risks taken and the choices made. Not everything will turn in their favour and they know that. They move ahead with confidence and an attitude of being okay, no matter what happens.

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5. Stop Self- pity and Self- blame

We all mess up and mentally strong people understand that. Life is not a bed of roses and ups & down will happen. Mentally tough people accept full responsibility for their actions and do not engage in blame game. They understand their mistakes, learn their lessons and move on. They do not engage in self- pity and instead engage in self- compassion and take things heads on.
Start living. Be free in mind and spirit.

6. Stop replaying things that can’t be changed

The past is gone and no matter what, it will not come back. Mentally tough people understand that. They do not play conversations in their head or keep visiting their mistakes. From being stuck in a place of pain they move to a place of positivity. They engage in healthy practices like walks, yoga and meditation. They work on their emotions and fix their situations.

7. Stop wishing things were any different

Rather than wishing for a different boss or a different spouse, mentally strong people deal with the card dealt and make the best of the situation. They don’t get stuck dwelling on circumstances or situations they can’t change. They look for the best opportunities in every situation and look for new opportunities.

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Benefits of being mentally strong are immense. You will win many personal and professional battles.

How to be mentally strong and happy‘ is possible with help, right attitude and courage. Become aware of your unhealthy habits and stop draining yourself with unnecessary worry. It takes hard work, determination and dedication to become mentally tough. With practice you can learn the fundamentals and reserve your energy only for the things that matter. Mark these ways to make yourself mentally stronger.

Good luck and may the force be with you.

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