Be Strong: 5 ways to be happy in spite of hardships in life

how to be happy in spite of hardships in life
Enjoy the ups and have courage to face the downs in life. Source – lovethispic

Life is ironic. It takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate calm and silence, and absence to value presence. Ups and downs are a part of life. In fact, it is these that teach us life lessons, good or bad, that remain with us forever.

how to be happy in spite of hardships in life
Enjoy the ups and have courage to face the downs in life.
Source – lovethispic

Wondering how to be happy in spite of hardships in life, here’s what you should be doing.

1. Look out for a perspective

Everyone has problems. For you someone else’s problems may seem small, and for them your problems can be large or vice versa. What’s important is the way you look at problems. Your outlook and perspective makes a huge difference.

Analyze the problem, cry over it once and for all, and then find a solution to it. Also try to resolve to doable solutions that don’t make the problem seem all the more difficult.

Life is too short to have regrets. Bury them and move on.
Source – pinterest

We are all aware ‘Everything happens for a reason’. I’m saying this with personal experience, you might not understand that reason at that moment, but sometime later you would understand that whatever happened was for good. Trust God and his impeccable planning that never fails.

2. Choose to be happy

Making a choice is your choice. There are always two ways of looking at a situation and it is upon you to choose the brighter side. I know it can be difficult when your circumstances aren’t right and you face hardships. But then everything comes with a silver lining.

overcoming hardships in life
Close your eyes
Clear your heart
Just let it go.
Source – movingforwardmatters

It’s easier to play victim to a situation, but it would feel so good when you fight the situations bravely. When adversity hits, you can rise above it and grow stronger. Choose to be happy and happiness will get attracted to you.

3. Find a purpose to live for

It could be your passion to be a great singer, you passion towards animals, or your dream to travel the world, you just need to find a purpose to live for. Find what makes your heart happy and do it with all your heart. Don’t do it for monetary gains, do it to make memories. Earning money while doing it is a bonus.

How to rise above your circumstances
Now is the time to be happy.
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Let go of possessions, power, and pleasure. These don’t stay with you and make the entire situation shallow. Look at the bigger picture of life. There’ll always be roadblocks that would stop you from enjoying this wonderful life. But when you cannot control, why fret over it.

4. Take responsibility of your happiness

Learn to be happy with yourself and you’ll find happiness in everything. Finding joy in small things – catching up with a long lost friend, splurging on a gift for yourself, pampering yourself at the spa, watching a sunset at the beach…. These are the things that’ll fill up your heart with immense happiness and give you the energy to face the world.

how to be happy
Don’t overlook life’s small joys while searching for the big ones.
Source – contenttech

Enjoy spending time with yourself. Go out for a movie alone or a loner lunch. You cannot enjoy life if you don’t enjoy your own company.

5. Remain focussed

I know it is cliché to say that remain focus on your goal and don’t let negativity affect you. But as cliché as it sounds, it is this focus that will help you. Don’t give anyone the power to mess with your mind.

hardships make people stronger
Dont look back with regret. Look forward with hope.
Source – mikayogawear

One of the most important life lessons is that life becomes so much easier when you don’t have unrealistic expectations. Stop feeling bad for situations you cannot control, or people who take you for granted and don’t bother to make even the slightest effort for you.

You cannot change situations, but you can surely change the way you look at them and create happiness in your own way. I hope you would make full use of these tips and make your life and thinking brighter. Cheer up. You can do it.

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