How to be a true friend? 7 Qualities you must have

qualities of a true friend
Cherish loyalty in friendships.

Having a true friend in your life is like a blessing. They are with us through the ups and downs of life like a pillar of support. Be it emotional strength during tough times, venting out our frustration, or just needing a hug, our true friend is someone whom we can bank upon.

how to be a true friend
It’s a blessing to have a supportive best friend. Source – better health magazine canada

As much as it is a blessing to have a true friend, it is imperative that you be a true friend to someone. So here are 7 qualities of a true friend that you should have!

7 Qualities of a true friend

1.Be loyal

Loyalty is the most important trait for any relationship or friendship. You need to be loyal to be a true friend. Also, when you prove loyal to one friend, that quality just grows on you and you tend to be loyal in every friendship you form.

qualities of a true friend
Cherish loyalty in friendships.

2.Be an active listener

Sometimes all the other person needs is someone to hear them. I cannot remember how many times I’ve just called my best friend at 2am and told her stories. She might not even know the context or person, but the patience with which she listens is what makes such a difference.

3.Take out time

Balancing friendships can be tough when we’re all busy in our lives. But when your friends are priority, you need to take out time for them. Keep in touch, whether it’s a message, a call at the end of the day, or catching up for a cup of coffee!

tips to be a true friend
Coffee and gossip with friends is the best mood upliftmnet therapy. Source – friends of Church

4.Positive Outlook

Having a positive outlook in life and friendship is so important. When your friend is low and down, you should be the one encouraging them to see the positive side. It is good to be practical and logical, but then being hopeful and being the strength that your friends need is also important.

Here’s how you can be positive in life and have an optimistic viewpoint.

5.Be accepting

Friendships change with the years. You should be accepting about not just the person, but also the situation. Will share a personal example, a couple of my close friends aren’t coming for my wedding. I’m sad, but I know they have commitments that cannot be avoided. I have accepted the situation and am trying to be positive about it.

6. Show understanding

You are friends with the other person because you connect on some level. Don’t let that understanding melt away. Even in a situation of fight, try and be open about their perspective, and that’s how you can be a true friend.

how to be a true friend
Understanding is the key to all relations!

7. Give feedback

Communication as we all know is a two way process. The same holds true for friendship. You should share your feelings and thoughts, correct your friend if he/she goes wrong, help them with solutions, and just share general feedback.

Be mindful of the tone, you shouldn’t sound too casual or serious. Just follow the vibe of your friendship and you’ll automatically become a true friend.

Friends are life and life is friends. Hope you’ll agree and imbibe these points and cultivate friendships of a lifetime.

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  1. Nice …I have all the qualities… sometimes we Can add lill humer with frndz that also helps feeling light nd yes that’s all true thnx..

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