5 Realistic ways to achieve your New Year Goals

how to achieve your new year goals
Follow these tips to achieve your goals in 2019. Source – dLife

Almost 2 weeks into the New Year and a lot of you might be working on your goals and resolutions. During the first few months we’re all motivated, but then start slacking. Hope the zeal continues and you keep yourself motivated. The best way is to find realistic ways to meet your New Year goals. We are here to tell you how!

how to achieve your new year goals
Follow these tips to achieve your goals in 2019. Source – dLife

There are some people who set such high and unrealistic goals that getting to them seems next to impossible, while others underplay and lack that push. It is important to maintain a balance and find practical ways to meet your goals.

Here are 5 practical ways to meet your New Year Goals

1.Start with short term goals

Instead of setting goals for the entire year, it is a good idea to set short term goals for yourself. They’re much easier to achieve and once you get there, it is a motivation to keep working hard.

Instead of saying I’ll lose 20 kgs in 2019, why not say I’ll start with a healthy lifestyle and try to lose 3 kgs in January. Sounds simpler and easier to achieve, right? This will you will eventually reach your 20 kgs goal systematically and in right ways.

new year resolutions 2019
Now that’s a goal we all want to achieve. Source – thanksgiving.com

2. Tell people about your goals

This could be through word of mouth, or through social media. When you declare something, you find yourself more accountable and work even harder to achieve those goals. You can even find a set of likeminded people who have similar resolutions and you all can connect virtually.

3. Utilize your time efficiently

A lot of times people say ‘We don’t have time’ and that’s the main reason many of their dreams, hobbies, and goals get a back seat. We all have time, it is just how well we manage it. Taking out 5 – 10 minutes from your day to do something that you’re passionate about will make such a positive difference in your life!

Read these time management tips and you’ll never say ‘I don’t have time’.

4. Remain Motivated

As cliché as it may sound, you need to keep yourself motivated. The path of life is not a smooth ride and you have to maneuver it to perfection. The same holds true for goals and resolutions. Connect with positive people and keep your spirits high to achieve what you desire in 2019.

5. Note your feelings

Sometimes at the start of the year you might be passionate about a certain thing, but as the year progresses you might not feel the same. Keep a tab on your feelings and introspect every now and then. A great way to do this is by maintaining a journal where you can pour your heart out.

tips to achieve new year resolutions
Get a bullet journal to note your thoughts. Source – moncarnetdeco

Hope these tips help you and you’re able to spearhead on the path of your goals. Share with us what are your goals for 2019. And follow us on all our social media  – FacebookTwitterInstagram for many such interesting updates on fashion, beauty, and self betterment.

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