Eat food and lose weight. Here’s how?

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If there’s one thing that a lot of us struggle with is food cravings! That late night urge to eat a spoonful of Nutella, or dig into a cheesy pizza loaded with toppings – aahhh. Don’t give in to your food cravings. Read these ways to control them and lose or maintain weight in a healthy manner.

how to stop food cravings
Tips to stop food cravings. Ofcourse, this is healthy.
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Eat food and lose weight, here’s how?

1.Small meals at short intervals

If you eat three meals a day and then fight hunger pangs in between meals, then a great idea is to divide those bigger meals into smaller portions. Eat maybe 6 small meals throughout the day. Try to eat every 2 – 3 hours. It could be a fruit, munch on nuts or seeds, or sip on smoothie in between meals to keep it healthy.

2. Increase protein intake

Increasing the protein intake in your diet is found to be helpful in reducing food cravings. It keeps you fuller for longer and you can avoid overeating. A high protein breakfast or protein bars are a great option to add to your diet.

tips to curb food cravings
Switch to a high protein diet to curb food cravings.
Source – food navigator asia

3. Drink lots of water

Yes, it might sound stupid, but drinking lots and lots of water is indeed the best solution for almost anything. If you struggle with food cravings, try and have a glass full of water. You’ll feel less hungry and will keep yourself hydrated at the same time – that’s what we call twin benefits.

4. Avoid Stress Eating

Comfort foods can be anything – ice cream, fries, pizza, or pancakes. The idea is to avoid stress eating. When stressed we tend to eat foods that are extra sweet or fatty! Try to manage stress in other ways like meditating, listening to relaxing music, or just going out for a little walk, instead of binge eating.

tanya virmani
Divert your mind with a good book or a magazine! Hi from Tanya.

5. Divert yourself

When your mind signals a weak point and you think you’re about to give in to your food cravings, it is best to divert yourself. Play a game or watch something on your phone or just get away from tempting foods.

If your confidence is dwindling, you must include these foods in your diet.

6. Power nap

Cravings tend to creep up when you’re most tired. Take a power nap when food cravings strike and you’ll automatically feel that the urge to binge eat is reducing. It is a great way to relax and avoid overeating.

7. Healthy snacks

Bringing small healthy changes will help. Instead on munching on chips, eat fox nuts or dry fruits. Replace your normal coffee with skimmed milk or almond milk coffee, sip green tea and fresh juices, eat a bowl of salad before your meals, and include lots of fruits in your daily diet.

how to avoid food cravings
Making a healthy choice of skimmed milk coffee! Hi from Kritika.

Although healthy snacking is an obvious tip, but following it is what makes a difference. You need a slight push from your strong will power backed with motivation and you can surely kick away food cravings!

Hope you find these tips helpful. Let us know how do you fight food cravings in the comments section below.

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