Deal with criticism in these 7 ways. Don’t let it pull you down.

how to deal with criticism
Deal with criticism in these 7 ways. Source – Following God

Criticism is a virtue that not most of us appreciate. We cannot control what other people say, but we can control our thoughts. Many times when people criticize us, we tend to take it to our hearts and let it bother us to a great degree. Deal with criticism in a positive way. It is much needed and these tips will help you with just that. 

how to deal with criticism
Deal with criticism in these 7 ways.
Source – Following God

Don’t let criticism pull you down.

Deal with criticism in these 7 ways.

1.Don’t take it personally

Easier said than done, but don’t take it personally. Try to distance yourself from the situation and think with a cool mind. Yes, it is difficult but you need to do it. Most times the criticism isn’t directed personally, so don’t take it to your heart.

2. Practice forgiveness

One of the most important benefits of criticism is that it allows you to practice forgiveness. The stress and frustration will just build up and affect your health, so let it go. Forgive the person (even though it might be tough) but do it for your own peace of mind. 

dealing with criticism at workplace
Forgive, forget and make peace with it.
Source – the whole journey

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3. Take it in positive direction

If someone points out your mistake even when you’re not at fault, you’ll check and cross check. This will only enhance your knowledge. And that’s a positive, so it has only helped you.

You might not realize it then, but think with a cool mind and you’ll understand that criticism has helped you gain something!

4. Move On

Always remember that criticism might be a personal opinion of one person or a small group. That shouldn’t stop you from doing what you’re doing. Don’t let their actions lower your passion and enthusiasm. Bounce back with double energy! 

dealing with criticism positively
Keep calm and move on.
Source – wayfinders collective

5. Helps you solve problems

If criticism at workplace is something that bothers you a lot, then why not think that it’s enhancing your problem solving skills. When a person finds a problem in the way you work, instead of arguing, mould things up a little and solve the problem in a creative way.

6. Gives you scope of improvement

Whether it’s personal growth or emotional stability, criticism gives you scope of improvement. You analyze yourself in critical ways and it gives you ways to put your best foot forward.

7. Turn it into constructive criticism

One of the best ways to deal with criticism is to turn it into constructive criticism. When a person finds fault, ask them for feedback and what’s a better way to deal with the situation. This will not only eliminate negativity and bitterness, but also encourage a healthy flow of ideas. 

dealing with criticism
Appreciate constructive criticism!
Source — goalcast

Hope these tips help you deal with criticism in a positive manner. Let us know what’s your mantra in the comments section below.

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  1. Absolutely to the point.
    Most people are unable to get over the first point (taking personally) itself.
    Once we stop taking criticisms personally, other pieces will easily fall in place.
    The points highlighted are totally spot on.
    We should always look to grow from whatever is thrown at us.
    Nice read!

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