Don’t be a Bitch. Be a wise cat!

dont be a bitch
Don’t be the nasty bitch everyone hates. Source –

The true sense of women empowerment and girl power is unleashed when women support each other. Instead of pulling people down, you should support them and encourage them to do good. Spread joy and don’t be a bitch!

dont be a bitch
Don’t be the nasty bitch everyone hates. Source – mattbarneonline

We all have enough nasty people in our lives. Why be one yourself? Don’t be a nasty woman, be the one who helps others and keeps calm in all situations.

Here are 5 easy tips to help you not be a bitch, and be a wise cat instead.

1.Appreciate others for small things

Appreciation is something we all crave. Whether you like a stranger’s dress, or your colleague’s new hairstyle, appreciating people for small things makes such a huge difference. ‘You look great’, ‘I love what you’re wearing’, ‘Nice bag’ – these might be small compliments, but will make someone’s day bright and happy.

2. Channelize your anger

Anger is one of the strongest emotions. Don’t let it overpower you. Try and be calm, let the situation cool and then analyse it with a cool mind. You’ll surely see a fresh perspective. Don’t take any decision when angry. The best is to go to sleep when you’re super angry at someone or something. The world will be different the next morning and certainly more beautiful.

characteristics of a bitter person
Deep breathe and rethink! Source – chartcons

Read these anger management tips that’ll help you.

3. Help people around

In today’s world people hesitate to help others. But if you don’t help others and be with them when they need support, how can you expect people to be there for you? So don’t be a bitch, help people around in the best possible way and garner trust and friendship.

A helping hand is all you need! 
Source - university  of oxford
A helping hand is all you need.
Source – university of Oxford

4. Learn the art of letting go

It is an imperative life lesson that you must learn. Let go of ego, negativity, and anger. If you hold on to it, you’ll be the one filled with bitterness and you certainly don’t want that happening. Have a positive outlook, think good and good will happen – law of attraction.

how not to be a bitter person
Let it go, but let the lesson stay. Source – boom sumo

5. Be the peacemaker

Take initiative to solve problems and be the peacemaker everyone’s looking for. Don’t be a nasty person. Stay cool and listen to all perspectives before being judgmental about the person. Stay calm and handle the situation with a cool frame of mind.

Hope these tips help you be a better person, instead of being a bitter person. Share it with someone who you think needs this gyaan. And never be a bitch!

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