Go Greenery: Colour of the year 2017

balcony garden
#balconygoals Source – Apartment Therapy

Each year Pantone Colour Institute declares a colour for that year, and for 2017 it is greenery. Green is the colour of growth and harmony. It symbolizes fertility and intelligence. Forest green, moss green, olive, military green, neon green, lime green….the list is long!

home decor
Adding elements of greenery here and there in your house is a good idea!

Here are 5 easy peasy ways in which greenery can be a part of our lifestyle.

  1. Clothes

Summers are all about pretty pastels and soothing colours. This summer we urge you to include a whole lot of groovy green in your wardrobe.

green colour
Olive Green is a perfect match to earthy tones. Loving this combination by Jaypore.

Be it an olive green kurta paired with printed palazzos or a bright green brocade top, colour the canvas green and make people go green with envy.

Kareena Kapoor Khan
Kareena Kapoor Khan slaying it like always!

Replace the little black dress with a little green dress for a flirtatious fun look!

green dress
A little green dress is all you need to make a bold fashion statement.
Source – missguided.co.uk
  1. Accessories

Green accessories are bold and make a supreme style statement. Beautiful green heels, a deep moss green tote bag, or a glittering emerald necklace, green shouts style and class.

little black dress
Taking the love for green to an all new level!
Source – polyvore.com

Wear a monotone outfit and accentuate the look with neon green accessories. Pair your favorite green heels with denims for a chic casual look.

green heels
Such cutesy green shoes that you’ll fall in love with them instantly.
Source – chiestore
  1. Home Décor

Next on the list is including elements of green in various aspects of home décor. Something as simple as a green rug or a green bed spread adds a vivid pop of colour.

See how a green bed spread can make the entire room look brighter.
Source – RealSimple.com

Use green tiles or green wallpaper for your kitchen. Throw a combination of green and blue cushions for the living room, or maybe just get a green crockery set.

home decor
Love this idea of incorporating happy green feel in the kitchen.
Source – Brit Morin

It’s the idea that matters. Put in a little creativity and some effort and you can give your home a new look, without burning a hole in your pocket.

pantone colour of the year 2017
How about getting pretty green cushion covers this summer??
Source – Simplifiedbee
  1. Make-up

When talking about make-up, green is a colour that we seldom experiment with. But it is time for change. Include this sassy colour in your life and amp up your make-up game.

winged eyeliner
Wings to die for!
Source – Kayte Ellen

Start with a subtle something – like olive green eye shadow, and light green eye liner. And slowly go all out. You could also create a smokey eye with a mix of green shades.

green nail polish
Loving all things olive this summer!!
Source – Street Scene Vintage

Neon green graphic eyeliner look is ruling the runway. It adds a pop of colour and looks stunning.

graphic eyeliner
Go all out with neon green!
Source – limecrime.tumblr
  1. Balcony Gardens

Most of us live in apartments and crave for gardens. Enjoying morning chai amidst the lush greenery, ahhh so calming and serene.

balcony garden
Source – Apartment Therapy

Balcony gardens are a great way to add freshness in the concrete jungle. It looks pretty and gives you a place to relax and unwind. With flowers, creepers, and potted plants you can turn your balcony into a fairy tale setting.

Get cute pots and see how your balcony looks picture perfect!
Source – designdecoranddisha

If you have the privilege and luxury of living on the ground floor, then you can cultivate love and happy vibes in a kitchen garden.

kitchen garden
Don’t we all secretly dream of whimsy kitchen gardens.
Source – food52.com

Hope you liked these ideas are will include them in your life for a happy greenery filled vibe. Let’s stay connected on FacebookTwitterInstagram.

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