Disconnect to Reconnect: 5 easy tips to do a Digital Detox

digital detox
Follow these tips and enjoy a digital detox phase. Source – keen gamer

In this digital era we are bombarded with information. It is upon you on how and how much you consume it. It’s ironic that we’re talking about digital detox on a social media platform! But then, you can do it after reading these tips. There are times when it all becomes too much to handle, and that’s when you need to switch off and recharge yourself.

Follow these tips and enjoy a digital detox phase.
Source – keengamer

Here are 5 tips to help you do a digital detox.

  1. Set achievable targets

One of the most important ways to start and stick to a digital detox plan is to set achievable goals for yourself. I’ll be offline for 10 days seems totally impossible, but starting with being offline for a day or two is possible and will help kick start your detox journey.

Start slow, and set realistic targets for yourself.
Source – healthline

2. Put away your phone during meals

As tempting as it may seem to binge watch a series while having a meal, it just ruins the eating feeling. A great way to steer away from technology is to keep your phone away. Talk to people, savor the food, and just enjoy it overall.

Go out yourself and explore your city. Enjoy some me time. Follow these tips to enjoy your own company.

3. Find a detox buddy

It’s always encouraging to have a friend do something with you. Find a detox buddy and you two can do a technology detox together. You can discuss your progress, track your journey, and encourage each other.

4. Try to make your bedroom a no-tech zone

I know this is the most difficult, but you can surely try. Getting cozy in your bed with your tablet or laptop is so comforting, but sometimes it’s good to connect with people and stay away from screens.

Talk to your partner, play board games with your family, chit chat or make a plan over a cup of coffee, look at old photographs and reminisce memories…..there’s so much to do beyond staring at screens.

Enjoy family time away from technology and screens.
Source – wendi’s tips

5. Tell everyone about it

Declare it on social media, tell your family and friends about it and it’ll make you more accountable about it. This way you’ll also set an example for other people and you never know some of your friends or colleagues might join you.

Hope these tips help you. Let us know if you’re planning to do a digital detox. Also follow us on social media – FacebookTwitterInstagram to keep up with the latest on fashion, beauty, and self betterment.

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