Detox and Cleanse: 5 easy tips to detox your body

easy detox recipes
Follow these easy detox recipes. Source – mar hyman

Stress and junk food have become an indispensable part of our modern lifestyle. Even though we know it’s unhealthy, but with the fast paced life both these become unavoidable. What you can do is to follow some detox tips and cook up easy detox recipes. It’ll be so beneficial for your mind and body.

easy detox recipes
Follow these easy detox recipes. Source – mar hyman

Detox doesn’t mean you need to do fasting or starve yourself. The idea is to eat healthy and restore the pH balance and vitamin level of your body.

Follow these 5 easy tips to detox.

1.Avoid gluten, sugar, and caffeine

Whether it’s for a day or week, you should do a cleanse for your body and avoid trigger foods like dairy, sugar, gluten, and caffeine. By eliminating these foods you’ll feel lighter, the digestion will improve, and you’ll have high energy level.

2. Eat slowly and get rid of distractions

Get away from your phone or laptop while you’re eating. Concentrate on the food, enjoy and relish the flavors. This would teach you to understand your body better and you’ll know when to stop, when your stomach is full.

easy detox recipes
Detox and cleanse your mind and body! Source- liteimgeq

Just like you clean up your room, it is time to declutter and cleanse your soul. Here are 5 easy ways to do it.

3. Drink up

No not alcohol, but all things good for your body. Hydration is the key to fitness. Drink lots and lots of water. Also include coconut water, lemon water, fresh juices, and green tea in your daily diet – easiest detox tips.

4. Go organic

Try and increase your intake of organic food products. It would help you minimize toxins in your body. Also, during your cleanse and detox phase avoid consuming meat, processed foods etc. Organic foods provide nutrients and help so that your liver can cleanse your system.

detox tips for weight loss
You don’t have to starve yourself. Just healthy eating! Source – times now

5. Eat Greens

When mom says you should eat greens, then you should listen to her. Include abundance of green leafy veggies in your detox diet. Salads, green smoothies, or just raw veggies (properly washed) are the best ways to detox and eat healthy.  

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Easy Detox Water Recipe

Fruit Infused Detox Water

All you need is a jug of water and your favorite fruits. You can add apple, strawberry, lemon, mint leaves, cucumber or watermelon. Let it seep overnight and have at least 5 – 6 glasses the next day.

detox water
Fruit infused water for good health. Source – taste of home

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