Cleanse your soul in 5 simple ways

how to get rid of negativity in your life
That’s Tanya, the founder of Let’s Expresso, cleaning her soul in Switzerland.

In the urban life, we knowingly or unknowingly absorb negativity from all around. Disappointment of failures, stress of daily commuting and professional life, anxiety from personal relationships, and sadness of the world, it all gets accumulated in you. Just like you cleanse your body with a shower, it is imperative to cleanse your soul from hurt and hate and let go of all negativity.

cleanse your soul
Cleanse your soul, every now and then for a happier and healthier life.
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Here’s how you can cleanse your soul in  5 simple ways.

1. Get rid of negative people from your life

As brutal as it sounds, letting go of negative people from your life will have such a fulfilling effect on your life. There’s already enough negativity and hatred in this world, why do you want to add up.

cleanse your soul
Happiness is contagious. Treasure it.
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Connect with people who are encouraging, understand you, and are there to support you in all stages of life. If someone makes you feel anxious, sad, or irritated when you interact with them, you know it’s time to show them the EXIT sign.

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2. Clear the clutter

Be it your work desk, home, or mind, clear that clutter. Only let the essentials remain and try to get rid of the unnecessary items and thoughts. De-cluttering or a minimalist approach is a great way to detox your soul. When you have clean living space and work space, there’s free flow of ideas and rush of positive energy.

detox your soul
Clear the clutter and make way for new possibilities.
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3. Social Media Detox 

Probably the most difficult, but the one that we’re all in dire need! And look at the irony, I’m talking about social media cleanse on social media. But the idea is to put aside that phone or laptop and let yourself enjoy the real world.

Offline is the new luxury.
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We’re all slaves of the screen. It is healthy for the mind, soul, and body to periodically unplug from the social media world and just relax. I know it is difficult, but start with realistic goals like a couple of hours and then go for a full day detox session.

4. Meditate

Cannot stress enough on how important it is to meditate. It is not just to cleanse your soul, but to fill you with hope and stability. Just giving 5 – 10 minutes daily into light meditation will have a positive effect on your mind and body.

detox your life
Take out 10 minutes of your life for yourself and see the difference.
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Your relationships improve, concentration is enhanced, you feel calm and put together, and slowly you can also get rid of the accumulated negativity from your life.

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5. Express your feelings

Most often we shy away from expressing our real feelings thinking that they might hurt someone. But when you keep bottling up your feelings, one day they’ll pop to create a big mess. It is good to express your feelings, but in the right way. Express anger, dislike, happiness, or sadness, but in a way that it doesn’t make you or the other person uncomfortable.

how to cleanse your soul from negativity
Let your feelings flow free.
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Some other things that you can do to cleanse your soul are –

  • Eat healthy
  • Indulge in a hobby (something that’ll make your heart happy)
  • Go outside and connect with nature
  • Treat yourself
  • Exercise and move your body
    how to get rid of negativity in your life
    That’s Tanya, the founder of Let’s Expresso, cleaning her soul in Switzerland.
how to cleanse your soul
Get out there and soak up some sun.
Source – 30seconds

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