Breaking Bad: 5 easy tips to quit a bad habit

tips to quit a bad habit
You have the power to change. Just take that first step. Source – thrivetalk

We all have one or the other bad habit. Whether it’s binge eating, smoking, not working out, or taking too much caffeine, it all boils down to your overall health. Habits become a part of your lifestyle. Your brain is wired to make them a part of your routine, and sometimes it becomes difficult to break bad habits.

tips to quit a bad habit
You have the power to change. Just take that first step. Source – thrivetalk

How many times have we made resolutions to quit a bad habit and then failed? It is time to implement easy and effective tips to quit a bad habit.

5 Effective tips to quit a bad habit

1.Fine yourself for offense

Just like you reward yourself for good behavior, it is important that you be strict and fine yourself for bad habits. You can pay Rs. 10/- or any amount every time you cheat, and once you see that jar filling up, you’ll feel guilty and it’ll be a motivation to break a bad habit.

2. Take it slow

This is the one of the foremost things to keep in mind. Forming new habits takes time, and in the same way getting rid of bad ones should also be done slow and steady. Challenge yourself to limit smoking just 1 cigarette a day, cut down coffee to only 2 cups, or start by a workout session three times a week.

tips to get rid of a bad habit
One step at a time, and you’ll see a big difference. Source – chnagehabits

Get rid of unhealthy cravings with these easy tips.

3. Identify and deal with triggers

For some people opening the fridge and seeing that bottle of beer can be a trigger, while for others seeing their colleague go for a smoke break can be a trigger. It is important that you identify what triggers you to deviate towards your bad habit.

Once you’ve identified the triggers, it is time to deal with them. Try to not buy chips and junk food, substitute beer or caffeinated drinks with healthier options in your fridge, or find  workout buddy who motivates and encourages you.

4. Have a habit tracker

Keeping a journal might sound tedious, but dedicate a page or two in your planner for a habit tracker. This would give you insights into your own behavior towards bad habits, what triggers it, how well you performed through the week/month, and where all there’s scope of improvement.

break a bad habit
There are many printable habit trackers also available to make things easy. Source – planning mindfully

5. Join a support group

You can also join support groups online. When you see people doing similar things and sharing their experiences, it motivates you to do better and you become more accountable.

And if you think you cannot manage your bad habit and things are going out of hand, we highly recommend you see an expert. Seeking professional help will be greatly beneficial for you.

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Read these tips to take care of your mental health.

Here’s hoping these tips help you and you lead a happier and healthier life. Join the conversation and connect with us on –FacebookTwitterInstagram.

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